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Screen Louder: Episode 5 – Robo House

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Screen Louder episode 1.2 – “Deadpool”

Robots are taking over. Robots are taking our jobs and also they are taking movies. This week we talk about the role of robots in movies and their evolution and intervention in our society.
On mic: Raz, Austin, Sid, and Chris.

Ziggy’s Virtual Viewpoint: Orange is the New Black is back with a season that shocks and captivates

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Written by|Ziggy| Netflix has started a worldwide riot with its latest season of Orange is the New Black. I have been following this series since the start and I have seen a lot happen, but season four of this series is the most shocking yet. This Netflix Original is based on a true story from Piper Kerman’s book based on her alter ego Piper Chapman and her experiences serving her sentence at IFC Danbury. This season the show reveals what happens when a group of women serving time are treated unfairly. The season is full of action, passion and even a murder plot. We see from the start that even famous people are not immune from the law as the prison gets a celebrity inmate. New relationships begin between a few unlikely people from previous seasons, and, with the help of the celebrity convict, a corrections officer brings back a prisoner unjustly sent to maximum security during the last season. We see C.O. Healy play out his childhood and learn more about his mother and we discover how he became a counselor. We see a new captain of the guard take the power from the warden and control the other COs with loyalty and fear. The season ends as strongly as it opens--leaving us with a cliffhanger--an unlikely character holding a gun and the whole facility on the verge of a  riot. If you have not seen Orange is the New Black, I would say you need to start from the beginning. The series shows that even at the core of punishment, there are times where things are taken too far. Netflix with the help of Kerman and her novel, have brought a wonderful story to life. Although intended for mature audiences, the series captures the true nature of humanity and brings home the fact that we are all people who deserve to be treated fairly, regardless of past actions. If you are new to the show, I hope this review has inspired you to watch this amazing series, and I ask of you only one thing. Remember the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. No matter what Read more [...]

Ziggy’s Virtual Viewpoint: internet star calls out YouTube

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Diamond Play Button
Written by |Ziggy | So if you’ve ever been on YouTube, you have probably seen one face at least once and if you haven’t then you are only looking at cute kitten videos and shame on you. So the man, the legend himself, the one and only PewDiePie has struck again. This Swedish web-based comedian is calling on the very company he makes millions for to do the right thing. PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, has created one of the most subscribed to channels on YouTube. But despite his popularity, the video-sharing website has not given PewDiePie his much-deserved subscriber milestone awards. YouTube has always had an issue with giving awards to their content providers. And yes, if you hit a milestone in subscribers, YouTube will send you awards to hang on your wall, along with that useless paper that took four years, a hundred thousand dollars, countless hours in the library and late night cram sessions to earn. No but seriously, YouTube gives out awards to content providers who have high subscriber numbers. Starting at one hundred thousand subscribers, you get the Silver Play Button. One million subscribers gets you the Gold Play Button and, at 10 million subscribers, you get the Diamond Play Button. Now PewDiePie has over 44 million subscribers and the count goes up every day. Still to this day, PewDiePie has not received the correct awards and has something to say about it. In this video rant, PewDiePie has officially called out YouTube and is asking people to hashtag #GivePewdsHisDimondPlayButton @YouTube. Some think that PewDiePie is getting a little childish about this whole situation; however, there was a ceremony when the Diamond Play Button was released--a real award--and he has not received it although he clearly has earned it. As a big supporter of YouTube content creators (and being a content creator myself), I would say, yes, it is time for him to get what he deserves. Heck, send him four awards. I think its Read more [...]

Badgerama 2016 features bluegrass and burlap

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Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 4.26.56 PM

Christie Rankin reports

Club Clash 2016 creates competition; metaphor for college life

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Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 4.22.25 PM

Dodgeball –it’s not just a game in Amarillo College’s Club Clash–it’s a metaphor. Raz Rasmussen reports.

New recording arts certificate strikes a chord

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Written by | Austin Ulen | The arts always have been and will be important at Amarillo College. From fine art, to photography, theater and graphic design, Amarillo College holds its arts programs in high regard. The fall semester of 2016 brings a new kid to the arts neighborhood: the recording arts certificate. The new certificate will fall under the mass media umbrella, which also covers journalism, media writing, broadcasting, audio and video production, advertising and public relations. Jill Gibson, coordinator of the Matney Mass Media Program and associate dean of the School of Creative Arts, said, “I think this represents one of the advantages of the new School of Creative Arts because it brings together the music department and the mass media program in a unique way that serves the needs of our students.” The new certificate covers everything from the fundamentals of cables and connections to acoustics and sound design. The curriculum also features training in the use of Avid Pro Tools, a high-end music composition and editing program. Scott Beckett is the man behind the new certificate. He is a professor of music and the recording arts and a band director, with extensive experience in sound engineering, mixing and recording. “There are two sides to what we’re doing here,” said Beckett. “There’s a continuing education side of it, which is just Pro Tools. There’s also the academic side where we do not just Pro Tools training, but we do everything from sources, to mics, cabling, connectors, how to set up systems, how to do live sound, how to do recording, how to mix, and how to edit. It’s kind of like a practical recording arts program,” he said. The courses cover many aspects of the recording industry and offers chances to network with others in the industry, Beckett said, “We’ve got a number of community partners as well: Covenant Recording Studios and my company Blessed Dynamics/Big Daddy Audio. Also, my church, Tascosa Read more [...]
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