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Lee Colaw

IT chief resigns

Amarillo College Vice President of Information Technology Lee Colaw has resigned from his position effective April 12. Terry Kleffman, assistant chief information … Keep Reading

Jackson Street Presents Episode 10 The March Divide

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Jackson Street Presents Episode 10 The March Divide

Upcoming Badgerama at AC

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Written By | JOSE TORRES |

Spring, is the season of simultaneous slacking and stressing over finals. Not to worry, though, Amarillo College has a way to help relieve that stress.

From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. April 25, the Student Government Association (SGA) will be hosting Spring Fling for all West Campus students. Sharky’s Burrito Company will be providing food, free for all students and $7 for others who attend. The is event will also will include a live band, face painting and other fun

“Spring fling is for those big majors over ion the West Campus who never get a break because their studdingthey’re studying so much,” said Rem Malone, a graphic design major. “Not a lot of things get held at West Campus, so here is a little something for them, to help them just have fun and to celebrate new friendships formed here at AC,.” Malone added.

This is not the only spring event for AC students can take part of. Another Spring Fling will be taking place on AC’s Washington Street Campus. On Thursday, April 28, Badgerama will is taking place on AC’s the Washington Street Campus.

Badgerama This event will run from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and is for all students. The theme this year is “Bluegrass and Burlap,” a country theme. Land like Spring Fling on the West Campus, Badgerama will include a live band, and various fun activities.

“We (SGA) have set up these events to give AC students a chance to have get out there and network, socialize, and party,” said Emily Henriquez, a social work major and SGA member.“It’s going to be a lot of fun, and everyone with a chance should come and get something to eat and enjoy both Spring Fling and Badgerama,” said Stetson Smith, a mass media major.

Embrace your love for capturing moments

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Find your target, aim, hold steady, do not miss and fire. Perfect shot. Now for just one more picture. When you think about it, photography has a lot in common with hunting; you find a target, point your ‘weapon’ at it and ‘shoot it.’

In the Amarillo College Photography Club there is a bit more finesse to the techniques used. Anyone can pick up a camera and take a picture, and anyone can join the club. Tasha Thorn, a two-year member of the club and the current president, said, “yYou don’t have to be a photography major to join;, not a lot of people know that.”

There have been Mass media students, engineering students and a multitude of other majors who have joined the club. It is open to anyone who pleases. One of the club’s upcoming events is Worldwide Pinhole Day on . It will be held on

Sunday, April the 24th. AtIt is then an event, which is open to the public, where one can learn how to make a working pinhole camera, as well as learn how to develop the photos in a dark room.

Members of the club will be at the event to help anyone interested and to guide people throughout the process. Children six years and older are more than welcome to join in on the festivities.

Photo Club membership is open anytime. Meetings take place the second Tuesday and fourth Wednesday of each month in 314

Parcells Hall.

Men’s feminine fashion trends

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Written by | Austin Ulen | From V-necks to shawl-collars, skinny jeans to short shorts, and even men'’s leggings, modern men have had a recent touch from the feminine side in the fashion world. Thanks mostly to the high-fashion world of Europe, the metrosexual of yesterday is today'’s mass market. Some may take offense to the idea of men not wearing a traditional suit, or a tT-shirt and jeans. Some would argue that it'’s just not masculine and doesn’t represent what a man should be, but it seems inevitable. If trends continue in this direction, where does society have to draw the line with gender roles in style of clothing? The answer: nowhere. The line doesn’t need to exist. In fact, it hardly ever has. Through the 1600's, and even into the 18th and early 19th centuries, men wore some of the most decorative and flamboyant, costume-like attire of any period in history. Not only were their puffy sleeves adorned in gold trim and lace, but they almost always wore leggings or a type of hose. That’s right,men were trying to keep their legs warm with skin-tight goodness long before women. Throughout history men have even worn high-heeled shoes for both practical reasons and as a fashion statement. It wasn’t until the 1800's, and especially during the last century, that men'’s fashion began to truly separate itself from the femininity of previous norms. Men began wearing suits. The suit became the staple of a gentleman'’s wardrobe. During the first half of the 1900'’s, this trend coincided, and was cemented as a standard, due because of the societal roles of men and women during and after war times. Fast forward to the present day. Societal roles are beginning to blur, alternative lifestyles are becoming more accepted, and Jaden Smith is modeling dresses. Overall, equality is reaching a point of normalcy. Body art and modifications are becoming more accepted in the work place. Fashion choices should be no different. To judge or Read more [...]

Netflix binging leads to your grades dwindling

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You may feel lost, academically, socially, mentally, or literally. You may feel as though you are drowning in course work, scheduling, balancing a social life, and maintaining your sanity. College is inevitably is overwhelming, and it comes with many aspects that can be daunting, but we, The Ranger staff, remind are here to tell you that advisers and mentors are here to help you out of any situation you may feel lost in. If you feel unsure as to of what courses to take, or when to take them, then advisors are there to help. They are paid to help you schedule out your courses to fit your hectic schedule. Also, there are specific advisors catered to your major, so they will understand how to schedule your courses so that you can be the most successful. OK,kay great, so you straightened out what courses you will be taking and have fit them into your schedule. If you are like most students, once you are enrolled and have your schedule in order, conveniently all of your drive and motivation conveniently dwindles into thin air. You likely lie in bed 12 hours into a Netflix binge, growing paler and more antisocial by the second, but the episodes just keep rolling. Whatever are you to do? Obviously not your course work. Yes, Netflix, I am still am watching; play the next one. It is only when you catch a glimpse of your reflection in your device’s monitor and that you realize, much to your dismay, what you have become. Yes, we are talking to you. You know who you are. Turn off Netflix;, unsubscribe if you must., Amarillo College has mentors who are here to help you stay motivated and keep you from falling into a Netflix binge black hole you cannot crawl out of. AC even offers a specific club to help students stay motivated:, the Finishers club. The Finishers club began in January 2011, and was created by English Professor Dr. Mike Bellah and four students. The finishers club creates a welcome environment for students to encourage each other to stay Read more [...]

IT chief resigns

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Lee Colaw

Amarillo College Vice President of Information Technology Lee Colaw has resigned from his position effective April 12.

Terry Kleffman, assistant chief information officer of the IT department, will serve as acting CIO, according to President Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart.

Colaw, also a member of the President’s Cabinet, was suspended from his daily activities and put on administrative leave for unexplained reasons about two weeks ago.

Lowery-Hart said Colaw’s situation was a personnel issue protected by law and for that reason, school officials were unable to explain the situation.

“I do not plan on filling the VP for Information Technology position for the foreseeable future, until we have real clarity on our budgets, technology and leadership needs,” Lowery-Hart said in an email.

Colaw was responsible for all aspects of telecommunications, management, technology budget guidance, strategic planning for information and resource generation.

Kleffman also will take Colaw’s position in the President’s Cabinet.

Colaw started at AC in June 2009 as dean of information technology services. He is a native of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and earned his master’s degree in computing and information services from Oklahoma State University in 1985.

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