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Pokemon Go to college

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pokemon ac
By SALVADOR GUTIERREZ Ranger Reporter Pokémon  Go  has  taken over parks, churches, malls… and Amarillo College. Every day, groups of students and nonstudents of all ages meet at the Washington Street Campus to achieve the goal people have chased for thousands of years—to catch a Pokémon. Pokémon Go rolled out July 6, 2016, as an app for iPhone and Android devices. It gives users the opportunity to play the popular Nintendo franchise in the real world and it has been a hit since the first day. The app has enjoyed record popularity and Apple recently revealed that the game has been the most downloaded app on the App Store--beating Twitter and Tinder on the first week released. Many AC students are regular Pokémon Go players. Maggie Tinoco, a mass media major, said she plays the game every two or three days. “I’ve caught around 35 Pokémon by now and I am really excited about the new updates,” Tinoco said. “I really like how this new game encourages people to go out and interact with other people while doing something funny.” Mimi Tayong is not an AC student but she comes to the Washington Street Campus every day hunting for Pokémon. “My husband and I come to AC since we found out there are more than 10 pokestops around campus. We used them to increase our level in the game, I am level 20 by now and he is level 25,” Tayong said. Aaron Hernandez, Tayong’s husband, said that they have made new friends since they started playing. “A lot of people come to AC around the same time every day. You can see the same guys and families walking around every day. They are like neighbors to me.” The Washington Street Campus pokestops are located around the main buildings including the Amarillo Museum of Art, the Experimental Theatre and the Engineering Building. Players can battle users from different teams at gyms. One such gym is located in the center of campus, at the clock tower. Many students who have enjoyed the game over the summer Read more [...]

Ziggy’s Virtual Viewpoint: Youtuber makes his mark

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Mark Fischbach

The time has come to spotlight another crazy, unlifelike person in the virtual universe. This week, let’s look at Markiplier, a man who has had a lot happen in his life.
Mark Edward Fischbach, known best by his online personality name, Markiplier, began his YouTube community shortly after his father died from advanced-stage cancer. Markiplier was also diagnosed with an appendicitis and a tumorous growth on his adrenal gland, which impacted his intentions to become a biomedical engineer.
Instead, he picked up a camera and started making videos of himself playing horror video games. He than began to reach out to charities, such as the Children’s Miracle Network and Extra Life, to support children in need.
Markiplier is best known for games such as 5 Nights at Freddy’s, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Happy Wheels and Surgeon Simulator 2013. He has an overactive style–often yelling, screaming curses and even crying during game play. He is also known for his vlogs, which address his supportive community and discuss inspirational topics and provide updates on his trips and conventions. where he interacts with children and fans.
Markiplier is someone who you should watch if you are seeking to figure out who you are or discover your purpose in life. Just watching his videos and learning more about his personal story shows that no matter what happens and no matter how dark it is you can always find the silver lining. So I urge everyone to take a moment and check out this YouTuber. He has many positive things to say that will make you look at your life differently and will bring you happiness.
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Screen Louder: Episode 5 – Robo House

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Screen Louder episode 1.2 – “Deadpool”

Robots are taking over. Robots are taking our jobs and also they are taking movies. This week we talk about the role of robots in movies and their evolution and intervention in our society.
On mic: Raz, Austin, Sid, and Chris.

Ziggy’s Virtual Viewpoint: Orange is the New Black is back with a season that shocks and captivates

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Written by|Ziggy| Netflix has started a worldwide riot with its latest season of Orange is the New Black. I have been following this series since the start and I have seen a lot happen, but season four of this series is the most shocking yet. This Netflix Original is based on a true story from Piper Kerman’s book based on her alter ego Piper Chapman and her experiences serving her sentence at IFC Danbury. This season the show reveals what happens when a group of women serving time are treated unfairly. The season is full of action, passion and even a murder plot. We see from the start that even famous people are not immune from the law as the prison gets a celebrity inmate. New relationships begin between a few unlikely people from previous seasons, and, with the help of the celebrity convict, a corrections officer brings back a prisoner unjustly sent to maximum security during the last season. We see C.O. Healy play out his childhood and learn more about his mother and we discover how he became a counselor. We see a new captain of the guard take the power from the warden and control the other COs with loyalty and fear. The season ends as strongly as it opens--leaving us with a cliffhanger--an unlikely character holding a gun and the whole facility on the verge of a  riot. If you have not seen Orange is the New Black, I would say you need to start from the beginning. The series shows that even at the core of punishment, there are times where things are taken too far. Netflix with the help of Kerman and her novel, have brought a wonderful story to life. Although intended for mature audiences, the series captures the true nature of humanity and brings home the fact that we are all people who deserve to be treated fairly, regardless of past actions. If you are new to the show, I hope this review has inspired you to watch this amazing series, and I ask of you only one thing. Remember the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. No matter what Read more [...]

Ziggy’s Virtual Viewpoint: internet star calls out YouTube

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Diamond Play Button
Written by |Ziggy | So if you’ve ever been on YouTube, you have probably seen one face at least once and if you haven’t then you are only looking at cute kitten videos and shame on you. So the man, the legend himself, the one and only PewDiePie has struck again. This Swedish web-based comedian is calling on the very company he makes millions for to do the right thing. PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, has created one of the most subscribed to channels on YouTube. But despite his popularity, the video-sharing website has not given PewDiePie his much-deserved subscriber milestone awards. YouTube has always had an issue with giving awards to their content providers. And yes, if you hit a milestone in subscribers, YouTube will send you awards to hang on your wall, along with that useless paper that took four years, a hundred thousand dollars, countless hours in the library and late night cram sessions to earn. No but seriously, YouTube gives out awards to content providers who have high subscriber numbers. Starting at one hundred thousand subscribers, you get the Silver Play Button. One million subscribers gets you the Gold Play Button and, at 10 million subscribers, you get the Diamond Play Button. Now PewDiePie has over 44 million subscribers and the count goes up every day. Still to this day, PewDiePie has not received the correct awards and has something to say about it. In this video rant, PewDiePie has officially called out YouTube and is asking people to hashtag #GivePewdsHisDimondPlayButton @YouTube. Some think that PewDiePie is getting a little childish about this whole situation; however, there was a ceremony when the Diamond Play Button was released--a real award--and he has not received it although he clearly has earned it. As a big supporter of YouTube content creators (and being a content creator myself), I would say, yes, it is time for him to get what he deserves. Heck, send him four awards. I think its Read more [...]

FM90’s ‘Tejano Throwback’ show continues to entertain

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Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.16.58 AM
Written by | Salvador Gutierrez | Amarillo College, along with FM90, created a tradition inside and outside the Amarillo borderlines. From 8 p.m. to midnight each Saturday night,  you can listen to FM90’s “Tejano Throwback” show. The show has been cutting-edge for years and plays a wide variety of popular Tex-Mex music. The show has been around for 13 years, and former AC student Steve G., better known as “El Cap-a-tan,” started it. “Marcie Robinson was the program director of FM90,” El Cap-a-tan said. “I tell her about the idea of a Tejano show. She said she had a lot of PSAs in Spanish that she wanted to play on the radio, and so I say, ‘Let’s start a tejano music show and we can play the Spanish PSAs.’ It was a Tuesday. Marcie said yes, and she asked me when do I want to start, but she answered her own question. She said, ‘Let’s start this Saturday,’ and that’s what we did.” The “Tejano Throwback” show was named because by the time the show started, Steve G. and FM90 did not have any new releases of Tejano music and they played only oldies. One of the most relevant characteristics of the TTS is that the show is not hosted in English but neither in Spanish. Spanglish has become the official language of the show, and current host Ondamaxx explained why they took the decision of using both languages. “To me, Spanish is very important,” he said. “When I started back in the ’90s, I noticed that most radio anchors hosted only in English, and so I thought, ‘How are we gonna play music in Spanish for Spanish speakers if we talk in Englsh? How are we going to tell them about the new artists and new songs?’ That’s why Spanish is important.” Even when the anchors come and go between English and Spanish during the whole show, they never have received complaints from the audience. The show has become a tradition around the southern states of the country. Every Saturday night, the show receives plenty of calls of people Read more [...]
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