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REVIEW: Candid ‘Cards’ contain controversy:‘Cards Against Humanity’ requires ‘suspension of sensibilities’

Amanda Castro-Crist | The Ranger
Combinations in Cards Against Humanity range from clever puns to utterly offensive.
When my husband and I first became friends, one of the many things that drew me to his family was game night. No type was off-limits. The years passed in a blur of boards, cards, laughter and the occasional curse word. Guitar Hero, charades, Monopoly, sardines, Cranium, marbles, Risk; as long as someone knew the rules, we played it. Read more [...]

REVIEW: God’s not dead: ‘very believable’

With school pressing in and finals around the corner, it’s nice to take a little break and get away for an hour or two. I have found movies are a good way to get that break from work, school and all the stress in between. Read more [...]

Parcells new home to Magic death duels

ALLYSIA fine | The Ranger
Mass media major Andrew Messenger enjoys a duel before class in Magic: The Gathering.
Many moons ago, deep in the dungeon of the CUB, beings known as planeswalkers began an epic war for control of the multi-verse. Necromancers raised armies of undead to battle archangels and their legions of brave soldiers. Firemages poised with flaming storms of destruction faced off against sorcerers whose mastery of illusions is unparalleled. Read more [...]

ACPD provides tips, tricks and services

Photo by Sella Robinett  Officer Scott Acker shows off one of the Amarillo College Police Department’s new battery-powered patrol cars.
Criminal activity on the Amarillo College Washington Street Campus has been low during the past couple of months, and Officer Scott Acker, the AC crime prevention officer, is trying to keep it that way. “Our No. 1 priority is safety for the college community,” Acker said. “Whether it be a student, faculty member, employee or visitor.” Read more [...]