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From left: Ashley Jenkins and Meg Turney. 0

YouTube channel review: The Know

Attention, all YouTube nerds! It’s time again for another review that will blow your mind. However, this week we want to take a moment and let all those that did not know that RoosterTeeth’s...

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Selma: Powerful yesterday, relevant today

I have never been too fond of movies retelling history. Hollywood tends to twist the story and the chronological order of events, but Selma has caught my eye and showed me that there may...

John Quinones, an ABC reporter and host of the popular show Primetime: What Would You Do?, will visit Amarillo Feb. 24. 0

TV host inspires moral courage

Each year, the Student Government Association invites a Distinguished Lecturer to Amarillo College to speak on a topic related to the Common Reader. This year’s speaker, ABC reporter John Quinones, has worked for years...