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Justin Furstenfeld: Rockin’ with the Badgers

Justin Furstenfeld, a plati- num- selling artist and lead singer of the rock band Blue October, gave a sold-out show Saturday in Amarillo College’s Ordway Hall auditorium.Furstenfeld and guest Ashleigh Stone performed for more than 450 enthusiastic fans. FM90, AC’s alternative rock radio station, and AC Student Life sponsored the show.

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THE SUGAR BABY TREND: Students find alternative to work through college

Television programs glorify it. Professors frown upon it. College students all around the United States say they are simply doing it to pay their way through college.

“Sugar baby” is the term given to a young woman or man who offers companionship and, in return, receives money and gifts from an older benefactor, a “sugar daddy” or “sugar mommy.” College students across the nation are taking advantage of such arrangements to pay their way through college. According to a recent report, the sugar baby trend in Texas universities, similar to that in colleges and universities across the nation, is steadily growing.

Money Talk Monday: Investing is no simple task 0

Money Talk Monday: Investing is no simple task

Can you explain investing and the stock market like I’m five? Or at least like I’m a new college student?

Wow – that is a loaded question. And the simple answer is no.

Investing in the stock market is not something to be done lightly. You must start by learning.

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N-sanity challenges most capable in fitness

Dozens of fitness classes can be found at the Carter Fitness Center on the Amarillo College Washington Street Campus. N-Sanity is one that many say is not quite like the others.

“Even the most fit people are going to pause,” said Trent Oneal, a physical education instructor. “I’ve seen fit people go and throw up on the first day.”