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Stepping away from the books

Perla Arellano | The Ranger
J. Elkins,  a graphic design major with the Command-Z Club, makes buttons for students attending Badgerama April 17.
Badgerama is a day when students get to take some time away from the books and those people who keep waking them up in class. There are games, food and every club supporting its cause. The band selected to play on this Badger-filled day was Nashville’s Mockingbird Sun. Read more [...]

Ready. Set. Record.

Amarillo College offers many options for degree programs: almost everything to choose from. But Scott Beckett, a music instructor, is pioneering a new degree that would bring recording arts to the foreground as the premier program at AC. “We are in the process of creating a degree program,” Beckett said. “In order for us to officially launch this program, we have to have five years of tracking. In another two years, it will be a full program.” Read more [...]

West develops photo outreach

Eric Van Marter | The Ranger
Rene West poses with members of the Amarillo College Photography Club and fourth- and fifth-grade San Jacinto Elementary students who participate in the after-school Camera Clubhouse.
When asked, many students said they’d be hard-pressed to find an instructor as passionate as Rene West. An Amarillo College photography instructor since 2008, West has shared that enthusiasm with the many students who have passed through her classes. Read more [...]

PBS educates, entertains: Science, technology, math main focuses

The cast of Sesame Street, a regular program on PBS, poses with Santa Claus during holiday program
When Amarillo got its a public television station in 1988, it was known as KACV-TV. The station underwent a rebranding recently, dropping the old title and emerging under the name Panhandle PBS. Read more [...]