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EDITORIAL: It’s not just ‘Big Bird’: Watch Panhandle PBS

Jackie Smith, Panhandle PBS programming and viewer services director, and Chris Hayes, content director, screen video for a new program.
There is a little TV station that lives down on the lower-numbered channels. It is a little station that few of us settle on when we’re just searching for something to zone out on. It’s a station that has been there for us since childhood but now that we’re older gets neglected like an old friend we don’t call often enough. Read more [...]

Money Talk Monday: When is debt OK?

Deb Avara details how debt can help and hinder your financial situation in the latest Money Talk Monday. Read more [...]

EDITORIAL: Technology requires discipline

With great technology comes great responsibility. How much is too much? Read more [...]

STC works out kinks

Nine weeks into the semester, it appears Amarillo College’s latest endeavor, the Science Testing Center, finally has worked out all the kinks. Students who have managed to avoid Warren Hall and all things science may be unaware of what the Science Testing Center is and how dysfunctional it was when it opened. Read more [...]