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Power through… Or at least try

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Power through…or something like that. We are approaching that time of year, folks. Christmas? Not exactly … the time of year when everything seems to be stress-inducing. Whether we are studying for exams or choosing where to eat, it’s inevitable that stress is involved. Do not fret, for we are here to provide you with the necessary tools to de-stress your life. So kick back and read on, and soon your problems all will be solved. If you find yourself feeling so overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks you must accomplish, make a list. Then just go through the list and check off each thing, and before you know it, you are done. Or make this oh-so-useful list and then proceed to stare at it, still overwhelmed by the number of things you must accomplish, and become paralyzed with anxiety. It’s your choice. Another helpful tip is to stop procrastinating. It’s easy; just turn off all your technology and tell yourself it’s worth it. Wow. How simple is that? Hey, let’s be honest: we all have tried that, and seconds later our hands cramp up at the need to text or surf the Web as our fingers stretch toward the “on” button. You tried, and that is what counts. (Not really.) Ah … the ever so useful tip to channel your stress into exercise. What a good idea. Just go for a jog or pump some weights, and suddenly you will be stress-free. There is a possibility that as you jog and pump those weights, your brain will remain consumed with all you have to do and you’ll think … what am I doing exercising when I have so much to accomplish? We do not know the solution, but this method is all over the Web as a good method, so there you go. OK, time to be serious. What? The above words were not meant to be taken wholeheartedly you ask? Stress is inevitable, but guess what … you are in college. Try our tips or begin by contemplating your pillow. It's soft and luxurious. Just lie down for a little while. That homework can wait. After all, you're not sleeping, Read more [...]

The great debate: Mac or PC

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Pepsi vs. Coke, Edison vs. Tesla, Jedi vs. Sith. These are great rivals, but you know what's the most important one? Mac vs. PC.Personally, I like both equally. One is great for gaming, the other for being creative. It has been an ongoing war for many years since the first Macintosh in 1984 was unveiled to challenge the then computer juggernaut company, IBM.  PC people will argue that they are superior because they are more powerful and can play pretty much any game imaginable. Mac people argue that they cannot get viruses and are more dependable.The pros of the PC include that a majority of them can be upgraded and modified. They also tend to be far more inexpensive and can top even the most powerful Mac if you put the right hardware in them. The cons include that they tend to be less user-friendly and can get viruses without protection. There also is an overwhelming number of different models. The pros of Mac products include that they are far more user-friendly and more dependable, making them perfect for the person who likes to create. They cannot get the viruses that PCs do, and they also have roughly four models (MacBook, MacBook Air, Macintosh and Mac Pro). Each one varies greatly from the others, so you won't get overwhelmed by the choices. And they can be incredibly powerful if you buy the better models. The cons include the fact that Macs are more expensive and you sometimes can feel like you're paying for the logo on the back of it. They also cannot be upgraded easily and can't run a large number of games, although that issue is being resolved each day with more and more games being compatible with Mac OS X. If I'm playing a game, then I definitely will want to play on my Alienware. But if I want to, say, make a video project, Mac has me covered. At the end of the day, it all comes down to one’s personal preference. Read more [...]

To vote or not to vote?

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The typical college student has a long “to do” list, but “vote in midterm election” rarely makes the top 10. Despite that, we want to urge every Amarillo College student to take the time to vote.The most important item in this next election revolves around the new multi-purpose event venue that apparently is coming to downtown Amarillo. The debate is whether the city should build a baseball park as part of the venue. The issue has motivated some college and high school age residents to become more engaged in city politics.  It even has sparked a new group called the Amarillo Millennial Movement where young people have banded together in hopes of winning the vote to build the highly debated ballpark. The vote for the ballpark is a nonbinding referendum, meaning the city of Amarillo will decide whether to build the ballpark regardless of your vote. This vote is essentially a survey to gauge the opinions of the people. You may argue, if it’s just a survey, why should I vote? And you may find yourself wondering, what else is on the ballot, you know, besides the ballpark? Well … a number of propositions regarding things you probably don’t care about. We understand your lack of interest, but we still urge you to vote. College students who don’t vote have become a statistic. According to The Economist, in 2010 only 24 percent of millennials (18-29 year-olds) voted, compared to 51 percent of Americans age 30 or over. Why don’t young people vote? It has been reported that 12 percent said they don’t know enough about the candidates, 11 percent said they weren’t interested, 8 percent said they weren’t registered, 7 percent said they don’t trust or like the candidates or politicians in general and another 7 percent said their vote doesn’t make a difference. Generally, college students don’t put much faith in politics and politicians. “Young people have believed that politics doesn’t have the tangible results that they wish that it Read more [...]


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When I first heard that Donald Trump is running for president, I thought it was a joke. He’s already rich and famous, so why does he all of a sudden want to take responsibility for the United States? He has no idea what he’s doing. I will be terrified for our safety as a country if he is elected. One reason I don’t think he should be our president is because of his racism. He stood on national TV and said that Mexico sends us rapists and drug dealers.  I’m sure we all know that’s not true. Sure, some of the illegals here probably are rapists or drug dealers, but Mexico isn’t the only country that has them. Every country has them  I agree that if someone foreign wants to live in the United States, they should do it legally.  However, to say that a country sends nothing but crime is ridiculous. He also is demeaning to women. He told a contestant on The Apprentice that she would be “pretty on her knees.” She defends him as trying to be funny, but I know if a man said that to me, I would be very offended. It shows his lack of respect and decency. Those are two qualities that I think would make a fit president. He said he wants to make America great again, and I think it can happen. Just not because of him. Trump is primarily a businessman. Most people who run for president have a political, judicial, military or government background. They know how to be leaders from that standpoint. All Trump knows how to do is get publicity and make money. He did say he isn’t doing this for money. However, his aim for the presidency is not an attempt to make the country better. I feel like he just wants to be able to control something. Today, I think a presidential candidate should be concerned with things like homelessness and hunger, finding the best ways for our youth to get their education, take strides for ending teen pregnancy, getting out of debt,and better treatment of the veterans. Trump is nowhere near meeting that standard. As sad as it is to say, Read more [...]

YOLO to everything

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Sometimes I like to bask in the simple reminders that we are not infinite; and nothing and no one says we are promised a tomorrow. It’s easy to expect that we will have a tomorrow because, well, we always have. But then something tragic happens, and a family member or a friend dies and we get offended that they had to be taken so suddenly. Honestly, we aren’t even promised the next minute, let alone the next hour. But we spend our minutes daydreaming about our future or wishing current problems would cease to exist. That’s real. This is all very valid, and we are all guilty of it. It isn’t our fault, though. We live in a world that’s constantly all about the next thing. So how can anyone possibly be concerned about what is in front of them if they are too eager to receive what’s coming next? Life is so simply complex. Spend a day on the outside. Just take in everything going on around you and then evaluate how important this boy or girl is that you want to be with and how much it really matters if you are late to class. Or even how significant it is to hang out with the same people every day and just sit around idly. You probably will realize it’s not. This is deep, especially if you are hearing it for the first time. If you aren’t, it means you have left some space for you to grow. Whether that space can be an inch or a mile, you put it there. I say stop the daydreaming and assess the now. When I feel my mind drifting off, I just simply bring it back in. Focusing on my physical, mental and emotional state in the moment. Am I stressed, unrested, sad, scared, weak, happy, excited?  I get in tune with my spirit and myself, then assess what is going on around me right now. Are there people around? Is it loud? Is it quiet? Am I in a place where I feel comfortable? What thoughts are enveloping my mind today? Is there something I need to do? Is there someone that is just getting on my nerves? Am I waiting for my big plans tonight? Our own thoughts Read more [...]

Take the smoking ban survey

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To smoke or not to smoke — that may no longer be the question at Amarillo College. The AC Student Government Association is investigating whether to ask the college board of regents to pass a smoking ban. If approved, the ban would mean no smoking would be allowed on any AC campus, which would ensure better health for smokers and non-smokers.The SGA sent out a survey recently to see how students feel about the issue. SGA officials say they hope to get 1,000 responses. Currently, those in favor of the smoking ban are in the lead. If enough people oppose smoking, the SGA will take the issue to the regents in hopes the board will pass a complete smoking ban. The issue already has lit a fire under campus smokers. Many claim that a ban on smoking outdoors is an unfair inconvenience that discriminates against them. Clearly, quitting smoking is far from easy, but we believe quitting ultimately will lead to improved health and wellbeing. Regardless of smokers’ feelings, it is inarguable that a smoke-free campus will ensure better health for all. The SGA already has considered recommending that the college offer smoking cessation classes and other support systems for smokers. Similar bans have been implemented at local hospitals, and surely those measures have helped longtime and recent smokers to quit. Furthermore, electronic cigarettes provide a less publicly offensive option for former smokers. The SGA is suggesting that people be allowed to continue to use e-cigarettes outdoors. While smokers may whine about the possible ban, we think they have brought it upon themselves by failing to abide by the current regulations to stay 20 feet away from building entrances and exits while smoking. Right now, non-smokers must pass through a noxious cloud of smoke to enter and exit most campus buildings, which is an unfair infringement on our personal life choice not to smoke. Nearly every non-smoker has been forced to inhale secondhand smoke when entering and exiting buildings. Read more [...]
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