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Alma Bustamante | The Ranger
The intersection of 24th Avenue and Washington Street is familiar to most students who attend classes on the Washington Street Campus. The area near the bridge in the background is a common location for students to be dropped off for classes. 0

Why choose Amarillo College?

When you attend Amarillo College, you begin a path that opens many doors. Students are looking for a good starting point for future plans on advancing to a different school and exploring what resources...

Christie Rankin
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See you again

I started working for The Ranger my first semester at Amarillo College when I just moved to Amarillo and didn’t know anyone. Honestly, I walked in with Jill Gibson, my introduction to mass media...

Castro- Crist
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3 years later, time to move on

People ask all the time why I’d want to work in mass media. When I say I want to be a print journalist, they ask if I’m crazy, or just an idiot. I wish...

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Onward Amarillo College badgers

Prepare yourselves for many clichés. It’s time for several of us to say goodbye as we graduate from Amarillo College. A chapter in our lives is closing, but we can look forward to new...