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EDITORIAL: Pompous predispositions uproot respect

Editorial cartoon by Troy Cartwright
Though they shouldn’t be, opinions are a tricky thing. Everyone has them, and everyone believes they should be allowed to have whatever opinions they want on whatever topic they choose. Read more [...]

OPINION: MMA knocks out boxing

According to, Sugar Ray Robinson 175-19-6-2, Muhammad Ali 56-5 and Henry Armstrong 151-21-9 were the top three greatest fighters of all time. While reading through the list, I noticed that a lot of the people on the list are not recent. I have figured, for a long while now, that Mixed Martial Arts has really taken over and out-shined boxing, but I never thought one of the greats would think the same as I do. Read more [...]

OPINION: Sagging styles reveal careless character

There have been a lot of styles for guys. One of the more recent styles has been for males to sag their pants below the butt, showing off underwear. I do not understand why guys do this. Maybe they do it to show off for women; maybe it’s for attention; maybe it’s just for the “fashion” of it. Read more [...]

REVIEW: Successful Latin film brings spice to American market

Courtesy photo
Nobody is completely ready for parenthood, right? In the movie, Instructions not Included, Valentin Bravo goes from being a playboy in Acapulco to a devoted father after a fling from the past leaves a baby, Maggie, on his doorstep. Maggie’s mother drops her off, then leaves to pay the cab fee and doesn’t return. Read more [...]