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BREAKING: Student uses school skills in real life, feels ‘nerdy’

I did it. It was crazy. It was weird. But, standing in the middle of Market Street, I realized I had actually done it. I had used chemistry and math outside of class. Let’s rewind back a decade or so to when I was in the third grade. This was the first time I wondered about the importance of school. Read more [...]

Pro sports lack past grit

It’s hard to make a definitive argument for any sport regarding who is the best when it comes to all-time greatness. One thing that is clear is that professional sports today have a certain lack of toughness when comparing the greats of today with the legends of yesterday. Read more [...]

EDITORIAL: P.E. strikes out; students at disadvantage

The next group of Amarillo College freshmen will be at a slight disadvantage to those of us already here. Beginning this fall, students entering AC will follow a new core curriculum - one that doesn’t include any required physical activity or wellness education. Read more [...]

OPINION: ‘Help others to help yourself’

I have found that the most gratifying thing I can do in life is to be a benefit to others. Few of us are immune to the frustrations and challenges of daily life—family problems, conflicts at work, illness, stress over money. When we get depressed or anxious, experts may recommend medication and therapy. But a newly emerging school of thought suggests that a simple, age-old principle may be part of both the prevention and the cure: Help others to help yourself. Read more [...]