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Basketball traveling stops

The Amarillo College intramural sports program provides students a structured way to satisfy their competitive urges.

Located in Carter Fitness Center on the Washington Street Campus, students can join or create a team for a variety of competitive events.

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STC works out kinks

Nine weeks into the semester, it appears Amarillo College’s latest endeavor, the Science Testing Center, finally has worked out all the kinks.

Students who have managed to avoid Warren Hall and all things science may be unaware of what the Science Testing Center is and how dysfunctional it was when it opened.

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Sarah Harrison: ‘the epitome of persistence’

As a child, Sarah Harrison loved to dance.

She was a normal little girl with lots of energy. Growing up in a charismatic church, one of Harrison’s favorite things to do was dance in worship.

Like most children, she enjoyed being active and participating in sports such as swimming and basketball.

Biology instructor receives faculty award 0

Biology instructor receives faculty award

Dalila Paredes has received an award for excellence in student completion for her foundational work to integrate the Science Enrichment Center with science courses and faculty.
Paredes, a biology instructor and the full-time supervisor of the SEC, is one of six faculty members who received an inaugural Faculty Excellence Award presented last August.
Each award was accompanied by a $500 stipend.