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Position changes for faculty announced

AC’s new president isn’t the only major change for the school. Some faculty changes have been made. Look for more on the following people in
future editions of The Ranger. New professional titles, new department chairs, and new program coordinators have also been released.

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Students react to presidential change

After more than 30 years of teaching and six years as president of Amarillo College, Dr. Paul Matney announced his retirement this summer. Only a handful of students knew Matney had retired, and many didn’t realize AC had a new leader: Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart.

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OPINION: It’s time for fall to start

Pull out the candy corn and hang your wreaths, because the best season of all is rolling into town and yes, folks, I’m talking about fall. Ahh, I already can smell the apple cider in the air and watch the leaves change colors. Don’t get me wrong; summer is great and all, but I’m ready to be able to raise my hand without having a nasty sweat patch.

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OPINION: Music makes the world go round

Music is one of those things in life that is universal. I think life would be empty without it. It’s essential to humanity as we know it. Music has been around since the beginning of time. Even before it could be recorded or written down, there was music. As music progressed through the years and more instruments were created, the styles of music were ever changing and evolving. From the Renaissance period to the Baroque period to the Romantic period, every era had a different feel to the sound of the music. Now more than ever, there are more genres that give people a wider variety to choose from. Rock, classical, rap, country, movie scores, gospel, techno, and those few genres are just the tip of all that is being created every day. Every person has a type of music that they prefer or like to listen to over other genres, and every type of music affects people in different ways.