Photo by PERLA ARELLANO | The Ranger
Ruoping Zhang, an ESL major, poses with her picture in The Ranger at Badgerama April 17, 2014.

PHOTOS: Badgerama 2014

Check out photos from Badgerama 2014. More »

Photo by PERLA ARELLANO | The Ranger
Brianna Burnett, a  visiting photographer, speaks to Amarillo College faculty and students April 3 on the Washington Street Campus.

Visiting photographer inspires students to test the waters

Brianna Burnett spoke to AC faculty and students April 3 on photography, tintypes and more. More »

‘Ocean’ mixes childhood memories, terror in slim package

After eight years between adult novels, Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane has been much anticipated by his fans. The long-awaited book is slim, but what it lacks in length it makes up for in its dark whimsy. The novel begins when the narrator, who never is More »

Photo by PERLA ARELLANO | The Ranger

Teresa Clemons, senior grants assessment director, foreground, joins regents and others who toured the Manufacturing Education Center on the East Campus March 25, 2014.

Regents discuss new dress code, visit MEC

Amarillo College regents visited the new Manufacturing Education Center on the East Campus March 25 before getting down to business at the monthly regular meeting. More »


OPINION: Traveling expands horizons

AC Current editor Bailie Myers shares her thoughts on the recent trip she and other members of the Global Competency Course took to Germany and the Czech Republic over spring break. More »

Money Talk Monday: Investing is no simple task

Can you explain investing and the stock market like I'm five? Or at least like I'm a new college student? Wow - that is a loaded question. And the simple answer is no. Investing in the stock market is not something to be done lightly. You must start by learning. Read more [...]

OPINION: ‘Help others to help yourself’

I have found that the most gratifying thing I can do in life is to be a benefit to others. Few of us are immune to the frustrations and challenges of daily life—family problems, conflicts at work, illness, stress over money. When we get depressed or anxious, experts may recommend medication and therapy. But a newly emerging school of thought suggests that a simple, age-old principle may be part of both the prevention and the cure: Help others to help yourself. Read more [...]

OPINION: Common courtesy applies to e-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are becoming quite popular lately, some use it as a gateway to quitting, others as a substitution for the harmful effects of real cigarettes. But where do you draw the line for appropriate use? In the commercials on TV or online advertisements, you see videos and photos of people smoking them in restaurants and other public places where families and children are present. Read more [...]

VIDEO: Hereford campus reveals face lift

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Quintin Marquez visits the newly remodeled Hereford Campus Read more [...]