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Alan Cox instructs one of his history classes on the Washington Street Campus on a Monday night. 3

Alan Cox: a teacher with a ‘magnificent obsession’

Few people are fortunate enough to make a living doing something they truly love. At least one instructor at Amarillo College feels lucky to be one of the few.

When he was working on his degree in business administration at Texas Tech University, Cox chose history as an elective.

Clubs reach out in community 0

Clubs reach out in community

The 21st Century After-School Program has been helping Amarillo College club members mentor students at San Jacinto and Whittier elementary schools since fall 2011. The grant program was started to support the “No Excuses” philosophy.

Hilary Cordero, program coordinator, schedules the activities between clubs and schools. The goal of the program is to help motivate children to seek post-secondary education.

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Love begins with yourself

Everybody is looking for love. Regardless if we realize it or not, love is what we all ultimately yearn for. Human beings spend copious amounts of time in the pursuit of love. We do everything we can – online dating, going out to clubs and bars – to find that perfect catch. So much time, effort and money is spent searching for the “right one.”

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OPINION: Gum wrapper can be expensive

Plastic bags and Styrofoam cups adorn the fence line. Newspapers billow along the roadside. Cigarette butts are scattered across the ground like stars across the night sky. It’s a beautiful scene.

Well, OK, maybe it isn’t. In fact, it’s downright ugly.

I detest litter, especially because there is absolutely no reason for it. Tossing a soda can out of the car window is no big deal; it’s just one can – except it isn’t. There are more than 20 million drivers in the state of Texas. Just imagine if everyone tossed “just one” thing out the window every day.