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Spring slump leads to prime parking

So  many people lament the “spring slump.” Those weeks right after spring break, when people begin to lose their momentum and start skipping or dropping classes, often are met with shouts of “You can...

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Show compassion to the little ones

The bald head, the thinning eyebrows, the shiny smile: Those things may not be out of the ordinary in any person you see off the street, but they are just a few traits of...

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René West, left, helps a student with a photogram project. West believes in hard work. 0

West: Influencing students to success

When you think of a college instructor, you automatically think about what classes they teach and the difficulty level of the assignments they give. You never really think of what talents they possess outside...

A student catches some shut-eye in Parcells Hall, a building full of couches and a popular place for students who need sleep breaks between their daily routine of classes and homework. 0

Sleep skimping slows student success

Finals are coming, and with the second half of each semester come the dreaded bouts of sleep deprivation. “Right now, my sleep pattern is messed up,” said Angela Messenger, an elementary education major. “I...