THANK YOU: Students and employees discuss the Matney impact

After 35 years of service to Amarillo College, Dr. Paul Matney will retire this summer. During those years, he interacted with countless students, faculty, staff and community members. Here’s what some of them they had to say about one of the most popular presidents in AC history. More »

From left to right, Lori Merriman, executive secretary, AC President Dr. Paul Matney and Brenda Sadler, executive assistant to the president, attend a 2009 board of regents meeting announcing Matney’s hiring as president.

EDITORIAL: Goodbye stranger, goodbye friend

The Ranger staff says farewell to friends and hello to new beginnings. More »

Bobby Clift, was named Silver Scholar on the  2014 Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team.

Bobby Clift receives prestigious award

Bobby Clift, an engineering major, has been named Silver Scholar on the 2014 Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team and received a $1,250 scholarship at the Honor Society Annual Convention April 25 in Orlando, Florida. More »

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OPINION: Gum wrapper can be expensive

Plastic bags and Styrofoam cups adorn the fence line. Newspapers billow along the roadside. Cigarette butts are scattered across the ground like stars across the night sky. It’s a beautiful scene. Well, OK, maybe it isn’t. In fact, it’s downright ugly. I detest litter, especially because there is absolutely no reason for More »

Students will get a chance to compete in the AC Combat Fitness Challenge May 10.

Students train to get combative

In preparation for the Amarillo College Combat Fitness Challenge, the AC Fit Club conducted a competition in front of the clock tower April 8. The competition consisted of pull-ups, dips, and ab exercises. The male and female who had the most pull-ups, dips and hanging leg raises at the end More »

Opinion: Looking beyond the stereotypes, prejudice to see the people

Imagine this: You go to a car sales lot and a woman walks up to you and begins to talk to you about the mechanics of the car you’re considering and why it works best. She’s probably pulling your leg, right? Only men know this stuff. How about when you see a Hispanic family shopping around a local Walmart with their children? Some might go as far as to think they probably are just depending on welfare and “stealing” jobs. Read more [...]


Global competency scholars and instructors ride an elevator in Prague, Czech Republic. Clockwise from left: Judy Carter, honors coordinator; Amanda Castro-Crist; Laura Cabrales; Mike Haynes, a mass communication instructor; Angie Ross, a nursing instructor; Paola Estrada; Andrea Guerrero; Bailie Myers; and Raylyn Bowers, center.
I had never been on a plane when I decided to go with the Amarillo College travel group to Munich, Prague and Berlin. Only in my dreams had I ever thought I would experience the pleasure of traveling out of the country. When I got on that plane for that first time, however, I got to scratch it off my bucket list. I believe everyone should experience traveling out of their country, no matter where they’re from. One thing is for sure: when I went to Germany and the Czech Republic,  I had no knowledge of their history or their culture. “The reasons why Americans don’t travel overseas can be mostly explained by one thing: cultural ignorance.” says Nomadic Matt in Why Americans STILL Don’t Travel Overseas. Students should start traveling now, get educated about the history of other countries and learn different languages. In the article, “17 Reasons Why Around the World Travel is Good For You,” the writer states, “Seeing the world provides a source of education absolutely impossible to get in school, teaching you things like economy, politics, history, geography and sociology.” Traveling won’t just help you get educated about other countries’ history and culture, but it also will help you learn more about yourself and what you like. According to Health Fitness Revolution, “Traveling allows the mind to expand and literally see the world in new and different ways.” I believe traveling to different countries also makes you a stronger person. You learn to be a little more independent and capable of handling things. “Stepping beyond our comfort zone is how we become strong, confident, independent, capable, and rich in spirit.” says Jordan Bates in An Impassioned Plea: Why Traveling Abroad Will Be the Best Decision of Your Life. Getting to go abroad for school has been the best thing that has happened to me so far in my young life. I got to eat things that I had never ever seen before, and I got to chat with amazing Read more [...]

Regents discuss new dress code, visit MEC

Photo by PERLA ARELLANO | The Ranger

Teresa Clemons, senior grants assessment director, foreground, joins regents and others who toured the Manufacturing Education Center on the East Campus March 25, 2014.
Amarillo College regents visited the new Manufacturing Education Center on the East Campus March 25 before getting down to business at the monthly regular meeting. Read more [...]

OPINION: Traveling expands horizons

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AC Current editor Bailie Myers shares her thoughts on the recent trip she and other members of the Global Competency Course took to Germany and the Czech Republic over spring break. Read more [...]