THANK YOU: Students and employees discuss the Matney impact

After 35 years of service to Amarillo College, Dr. Paul Matney will retire this summer. During those years, he interacted with countless students, faculty, staff and community members. Here’s what some of them they had to say about one of the most popular presidents in AC history. More »

From left to right, Lori Merriman, executive secretary, AC President Dr. Paul Matney and Brenda Sadler, executive assistant to the president, attend a 2009 board of regents meeting announcing Matney’s hiring as president.

EDITORIAL: Goodbye stranger, goodbye friend

The Ranger staff says farewell to friends and hello to new beginnings. More »

Bobby Clift, was named Silver Scholar on the  2014 Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team.

Bobby Clift receives prestigious award

Bobby Clift, an engineering major, has been named Silver Scholar on the 2014 Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team and received a $1,250 scholarship at the Honor Society Annual Convention April 25 in Orlando, Florida. More »

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OPINION: Gum wrapper can be expensive

Plastic bags and Styrofoam cups adorn the fence line. Newspapers billow along the roadside. Cigarette butts are scattered across the ground like stars across the night sky. It’s a beautiful scene. Well, OK, maybe it isn’t. In fact, it’s downright ugly. I detest litter, especially because there is absolutely no reason for More »

Students will get a chance to compete in the AC Combat Fitness Challenge May 10.

Students train to get combative

In preparation for the Amarillo College Combat Fitness Challenge, the AC Fit Club conducted a competition in front of the clock tower April 8. The competition consisted of pull-ups, dips, and ab exercises. The male and female who had the most pull-ups, dips and hanging leg raises at the end More »

REVIEW: Candid ‘Cards’ contain controversy:‘Cards Against Humanity’ requires ‘suspension of sensibilities’

Amanda Castro-Crist | The Ranger
Combinations in Cards Against Humanity range from clever puns to utterly offensive.
When my husband and I first became friends, one of the many things that drew me to his family was game night. No type was off-limits. The years passed in a blur of boards, cards, laughter and the occasional curse word. Guitar Hero, charades, Monopoly, sardines, Cranium, marbles, Risk; as long as someone knew the rules, we played it. Read more [...]

REVIEW: God’s not dead: ‘very believable’

With school pressing in and finals around the corner, it’s nice to take a little break and get away for an hour or two. I have found movies are a good way to get that break from work, school and all the stress in between. Read more [...]

Parcells new home to Magic death duels

ALLYSIA fine | The Ranger
Mass media major Andrew Messenger enjoys a duel before class in Magic: The Gathering.
Many moons ago, deep in the dungeon of the CUB, beings known as planeswalkers began an epic war for control of the multi-verse. Necromancers raised armies of undead to battle archangels and their legions of brave soldiers. Firemages poised with flaming storms of destruction faced off against sorcerers whose mastery of illusions is unparalleled. Read more [...]

Excellence in the Making Mock trials provide AC students with real-world experience

Allysia Fine | The Ranger
Paralegal instructor Rhonda Brashears observes students as they complete a mock trial at the Amarillo Municipal Courthouse  May 1.
Amarillo College employs instructors with all sorts of backgrounds. Some have taught at other institutions. Others are fresh out of college. Then there are those who combine their curriculum with real-life experiences. Read more [...]