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G4S Partnership Series

Homeland, cyber security potential programs

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February 8, 2012 By Leticia Bodine | Ranger Reporter            NEW OPTIONS could be offered as degree plans as early as fall 2012 if the curriculum committee accepts the proposals. Homeland security and cyber security are being proposed to start this fall after going before the curriculum committee, said Dr. Shawn Fouts, dean of career and technical education. If the curriculum is approved, the criminal justice associate degree plan will include a homeland security option for students. The computer information systems department is proposing a certificate in cyber security that will go right into an associate degree, either in networking or CIS. Some of the cyber security classes would be incorporated into the homeland security program, but students would have to take a few more classes to get the cyber security certificate, Fouts said. In addition, the cyber security program would prepare students to take industry certification courses. “The new options are being added to existing degree plans with the goal of starting a homeland security program within the next couple years,” Fouts said. “The criminal justice side appeals to new students out of high school and existing police officers.” Students, the community and organizations that are mandated to secure their computer systems will benefit more from the CIS option, said CIS Department Chairwoman Carol Buse. Even if students do not get hired as security experts, having the knowledge learned in  the courses will allow students to be better employees, she said. “It will be a good addition to the existing degree plan,” said Criminal Justice Director Toni Gray. “The classes in the current associate degree plan are more theoretical. With the homeland security option, a more practical and contemporary side is taught. “My police officers will understand the global structure. They already receive a lot of local and state information, so this will broaden their Read more [...]

G4S partnership brings unique canine handling course to AC

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Providing training overseas, a new homeland security degree and now a unique canine handling course – these are a few of the things on Amarillo College’s horizon as it partners with international security consulting company G4S. By Brittney Richerson Dr. Shawn Fouts, dean of career and technical education, said AC is preparing to offer a 16-week canine handling course on the East Campus. The course could be available as early as April 2012 and will be unlike any other in the nation, he said. “It will be one-of-a-kind,” Fouts said. “There are other dog handling courses in the country, but this one will be far more advanced in length, detail and scope. There is no other college in the country that offers a course like this to the extent that we’re going to.” The idea of AC offering the course was brought to the table earlier this year when AC President Dr. Paul Matney received a call from G4S-C3, formerly RONCO Consulting Corp. The company specializes in supporting humanitarian missions, training and operating canines, security consulting and providing training, according to its website, Fouts said G4S plans to provide AC with 20 canines, which will be housed by a local veterinarian and transported to the East Campus for classes. “Our course is going to be designed, not to train dogs, but to train people how to work with dogs,” Fouts said. “The semester will start out very classroom intensive, but by the end, students will be spending the majority of their time with the dogs.” Fouts said most law enforcement agencies in the Panhandle have dog handlers who are interested in the course. “When you get a dog, you usually get a three- or four-week class and that’s it,” he said. Fouts said the course also is intended to appeal to veterans and students interested in law enforcement and the homeland security degree the college is working with G4S to develop. Students enrolled in the course will Read more [...]

Partnership offers special training, new degree

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G4S Partnership series by Brittney Richerson A two-day, simulation-based training event for local first responders and a potential homeland security degree plan are on the horizon for Amarillo College as a result of its recent partnership with G4S. About 30 to 35 area emergency responders will be invited to attend a special training session on the AC East Campus Dec. 8-9, said Dr. Shawn Fouts, dean of career and technical education. The Panhandle Regional Planning Commission is working with an advisory board to determine who will be invited, Fouts said. "PRPC has offered this type of course in previous months, but in looking at curriculum, it is like the difference between junior high level and graduate level," Fouts said. "We're bringing in a graduate-level course." He said the course, which normally would cost about $40,000 or more, is being provided by G4S, an international company, free of charge. "It's serving as a pilot program and from there, we'll see where we go with it and what else we can bring in," Fouts said. Attendees will register at and receive continuing education credit. "The people we are inviting might need these hours, and they would usually have to pay or PRPC would sponsor the event," he said. "This just happens to be an incredible event where they can get some hours and advanced training they're not going to get anywhere else in the country." Fouts said AC benefits because participants will be registered as continuing education students at the college. "This helps them in their career, and it helps us, showing the state that we've had this many students participate in our classes," he said. "We win indirectly by being a partnering agency in this." The company will provide its own instructors from the United Kingdom who have experience in responding to urban terrorism, Fouts said. "It's frightening, but urban terrorism has come home," he said. The training will focus on teaching first Read more [...]

How Safe is this endeavor?

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By Brittney Richerson G4S is the world’s largest security solutions provider, employing more than 625,000 people in more than 125 countries. Its office in Erbil, the capital city in Kurdistan, is built on a secure compound, said Dr. Shawn Fouts, dean of career and technical education. “It’s five acres, fenced in, and they secure it,” Fouts said. “That’s where the training will take place, and that’s where our instructor will live.” Kurdistan became an autonomous region of Iraq in March 1970, according to the Kurdistan Regional Government website, After years of heavy fighting, the Kurdistan Democratic Party, led by Mustafa Barzani, reached an agreement with Baghdad to grant Kurdistan independence as a region with representation in the Baghdad government. “Since March 2003, not a single coalition soldier has died nor a single foreigner been kidnapped in the areas administered by the Kurdistan Regional Government,” reads a Kurdistan Regional Government brief available on its website. “With the cooperation of ordinary people, the Kurdistan Region’s security forces have kept the area safe and stable.“ According to the same brief, the Kurdistan Region has seven universities, including the English-language University of Kurdistan-Hawler in Erbil. Erbil also has an international airport. Fouts said the Marriott and Hilton corporations are building resort communities in Erbil. “We feel really comfortable with G4S being the third largest employer in the world with an $11 billion-plus revenue stream,” he said. “We’re working with a company that is over 100 years old that is financially very secure.”   Originally published: Thursday, October 20, 2011 Read more [...]

AC eyes international opportunity

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Potential partnership with G4S could lead to training in Kurdistan By Brittney Richerson A potential partnership with an international company may have Amarillo College reaching out beyond the Texas Panhandle soon. As far out as Erbil, Kurdistan, in fact. AC President Dr. Paul Matney and Dr. Shawn Fouts, dean of career and technical education, have been negotiating a partnership with G4S, an international security solutions provider, to expand AC work force training and programs, Fouts said. “G4S called Dr. Matney and myself last May,” he said. “They said, ‘We would just like to meet and talk and share something with you.’” Kurdistan, located in northern Iraq, is projected to be the third largest oil-producing region in the world, Fouts said. G4S has an office in Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, and G4S representatives informed Matney and Fouts that the oil company there is struggling to find qualified workers. G4S employees working in Erbil who are former Pantex employees suggested getting AC involved to properly train welders and machinists, Fouts said. “It’s just really developed and started culminating to where they really need us to potentially provide an instructor in Erbil,’” Fouts said. “It can be somebody from Amarillo, or they actually do some of this training and they can help find an instructor. If we approve of the instructor, we’ll make them an Amarillo College employee, but they will be working out of Erbil.” Fouts said AC plans to start by sending a welding instructor to Kurdistan. The instructor will train 20 Kurdistan students, who will be registered through AC as continuing education students. After completing the program, the students will be certified by the American Welding Society. The top students will be trained to teach welding. “We can pull out or start offering other classes, because we will have created a welding class on our own,” Fouts said. He said AC’s welding Read more [...]
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