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Gary Cawood exhibit showcases in Lynn Library

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March 7,2012 By Jake Childers| Ranger Reporter   “Excavations” is the name of a group of photographs taken by master photographer Gary Cawood. Cawood spoke about his exhibit Feb. 23 in the College Union Building to a group of student photographers and visual art instructors. His photographs are on display in Lynn Library. During the lecture, Cawood showed photographs from around the country, both in black and white and in color. Cawood said he did not always want to be a photographer. He went to school for architecture before finding his niche in the photography world. “I was burned out doing architecture,” Cawood said. “I took my first photography class at grad school.” He went to Tennessee State for graduate school, where he started taking photography classes. Many of his interior and exterior night shots are done in black and white. Many of them are inspired by the “Watchman’s Room,” he said. The “Watchman’s Room” is a photo of a simple room with sheets draped over the furniture. Cawood agrees with many of his critics and his fellow contemporaries that his photos suggest his inspiration comes from famous painters and nature. “‘Night Patrol’ is a tour of the ordinary, the kind of places we experience without noticing,” Cawood said during his lecture. “When making the rounds after dark, however, details emerge from the shadows that suggest a more mysterious existence, an unsettling sense that familiarity is just an illusion. “It seems that photographs are the perfect vehicles for this kind of inspection. Through careful observation, scenes from the real world mingle with the imagination, like stage sets for a drama yet to be invented.” Some of his other works can be seen in “The Watchman’s Room.” Several of Cawood’s photos are on display in major museums and galleries nationwide. Many of his students, both current and former, have said Cawood is an inspiration to anyone who aspires Read more [...]

Cafeteria provided more than food for some

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Jake Childers
February 29, 2012 Opinion By Jake Childers WHAT SURPRISED many of the students returning for the fall and spring semesters was the closing of the cafeteria. While Amarillo College has the right to decide what services are available, many students complained that without the cafeteria, many of them would have skipped eating during the day. The cafeteria meant a hot meal for a decent price. So with the closing of the cafeteria as a place to get a meal, many students are given the choices to either leave the campus or use the vending machines. The third choice is to simply miss a meal. So when it comes down to brass tacks – the pros and the cons of having the cafeteria open and serving the students versus having it closed – it’s about saving money. Yes, it costs money and always is considered a gamble. In many ways, it would cost more to have a private restaurant chain come in. But when the cafeteria was open, the food served and the prices charged made it a bargain for many students on a budget. Many students who have made comments to The Ranger said they wanted the cafeteria to remain open. To many, the cafeteria was a place to eat, study and have a chance to congregate. The best place to eat and relax at the college now is closed. The tables remain, but the food service is gone. Having the cafeteria open and serving the students, many of whom are here both on financial aid and on a tight budget or are working people who also are on a budget, made it easier on many people on campus. With much of the student population at or below the poverty line, the cafeteria offered great food at great prices. That alone helped many students to be able to have a decent meal during the day. Some of us live close by the college and can leave to go home for lunch. During the time that the cafeteria was open, however, it gave students the rare time to be able to spend with spouses and friends. I can honestly say that the cafeteria should be Read more [...]

TEACH Club brings students new opportunities in education

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February 8, 2012 By Jake Childers| Ranger reporter The TEACH Club is an organization that allows any student who is interested in education to network and socialize with future co-workers and employers. Mary Clare Munger, the education department chairwoman, explained that the TEACH Club is sponsored by Amarillo College to give students a chance to mingle and socialize with other teachers. “TEACH Club allows for students to listen and speak with teachers, principals and other members of the education field,” Munger said. “We have conferences and trips to both local schools and to other colleges.” Many students see the TEACH club and organizations like it as a chance to see what their major fields of study will be like in the real world. TEACH Club President Chad Fewell said he is eager to help both future educators and future students. “TEACH club is a great organization to help future teachers and those interested in child development,” Fewell said. “It’s ideal for anyone wanting to be a teacher at any grade level.” Munger said members of the AC TEACH Club will attend the Bruce Beck Conference. The conference helps students meet with people directly involved with the education and child development fields. It is named for a former writer and editor at the Amarillo Globe-News who died of cancer. Beck was active in supporting education in Amarillo. She pointed out that the TEACH Club is open to any student with the urge to help children. “We are doing fundraisers and events to promote TEACH club and to help start a college scholarship,” she said. Fewell said the conference will give students a chance to visit with the panel speakers and to learn about the “tricks of the trade.” Another club activity was selling lunch on the Washington Street Campus Tuesday to help raise money for scholarships for students. “TEACH Club is an important asset for any teacher and any education major looking to network and see Read more [...]

Forget the clowns and crowns… Sixth street burger joint has something better

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Photo by Linda Cortez
BY JAKE CHILDERS Ranger Reporter   WHEN YOU think of burger joints, what usually comes to mind? Most people think of clowns and guys wearing crowns. What do cowboys and gelato have in common? Not much if you think about it, but one restaurant in Amarillo has managed to bring the two together and create a truly unique experience. Cowboy Gelato brings a new form of excitement to the Old Historic Route 66 track through town. The restaurant, located at 2806 SW Sixth St., offers anything from stuffed hamburgers, pork loin sandwiches, BBQ sandwiches and other cowboy favorites to a wide variety of gelato and sorbet, all made fresh daily. The cinematic décor tops off the experience, making it a classic. Beyond the lure of Route 66, I first was brought to Cowboy Gelato by friends.  The mix of the Old West with a touch of modern class and the diverse menu was new to me. From hamburgers and sandwiches named for some the silver screen’s most iconic cowboys to Italian ice cream, there is something for everyone. “When I first came to Cowboy Gelato, I was impressed by both the menu and the friendly atmosphere,” a Michael Knight, a satisfied costumer. “My wife Amanda and I were looking around for a place to eat, and this place caught our eye. The food is superb and the gelato is beyond description.” With this as a description, I knew that I too must try both the food and the dessert. I not only was impressed with the menu and the gelato, but the friendly atmosphere made the experience even that much more enjoyable. Menu prices range from inexpensive to moderate. Cowboy Gelato offers a drink selection that serves to both the young and the young at heart with anything from soda pop to beer and wine. They also have fresh brewed coffee and iced tea. They run daily lunch and dinner specials. They open early and close late. So if you are looking for a place to hang out or a quick lunch, the Cowboy has you covered on all fronts. They Read more [...]
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