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A tradition continues

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Adviser, mentor and friend, Mike Haynes is a man whose impact on Amarillo College is undeniable. Haynes was AC’s student media adviser and instructor. He retires this month after many years of service, but his contributions to Amarillo College, the Matney Mass Media Program and journalism education will continue.
Haynes has been a remarkable student media adviser for various reasons, one being his patience and consistent passion for his students. While at AC (and Texas Tech before that), he often worked late hours to guarantee the newspaper staff made deadline–at least got close enough. Haynes always greeted students with a welcoming smile. He made it clear he wanted to know how he could best help those around him succeed. Haynes stayed calm despite the stress and conflict typical of most newsrooms. He maintained his sense of humor, dedication to the First Amendment and his love of the AP Stylebook regardless of the various pressures that arose. Calmly, Haynes guided his students toward understanding and appreciating journalism; while at the same time allowing us to make editorial decisions and learn from our mistakes.
In addition to his genuine nature, Haynes has an extensive knowledge of The Beatles–which undoubtedly adds to his wonderful authenticity. He is an honest, humble and honorable man. He may have retired, but his legacy and impact on AC will continue. We, The Ranger staff, cannot thank him enough. In the words of The Beatles, “I don’t know why you say goodbye I say hello” because Haynes’ helpful nature proves he will continue to lend a hand when needed. Thank you Mike, for everything. We love you.
–The Ranger staff

Are you hungry? Let’s ‘taco’ about it

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Written by | JOSE TORRES | Tacos are a manmade creation that in comparison to the many other things man has created, such as the wheel itself, shines brighter than all of them. The taco was made from the brightest of minds and is truly appreciated only by ones “it” finds worthiest. I mean, do not get me wrong; I know there will be skeptics out there who will disagree with me or even say tacos are so “unhealthy” because of how greasy they are. To them I say, “Who asked for your opinion?” “Tacos are a delight; I think I want one tonight. Something crunchy to eat, nothing sugary – just hamburger meat. Not just one – I want a whole bunch. For breakfast, dinner, snack and lunch. Lettuce, tomato and Mexican cheese; let’s go get one now, momma. Pretty please?” That’s a poem by Jessica K. that truly epitomizes the love one feels when dining on the soft corn tortilla or devouring the crunchy shell sent down from the gods. The word “taco” is the Mexican equivalent of the English word sandwich. The tortilla, which is made of corn or wheat, is wrapped or folded around a filling that generally is made of spiced proteins such as beef, pork or fish. Even though the taco is an equivalent by name to the American sandwich, the taco should be held with respect and dignity while being dined on, for it has defied the trends of time, religion and location. The taco first was created back in 1520 by the great Bernal Diaz del Castillo. Castillo was a Spanish soldier who came with Hernan Cortez to the New World. Tacos also have gone through changes, which is what makes them so adaptive to both religions and locations worldwide. One obvious and well-liked adaption is the fish taco, where ground beef is replaced by fish. It helps people who cannot eat ground beef either because of allergies or due to religious purposes. Another taco is the Tacos de Lechon, which is slow-roasted suckling pig, again in place of the beef. This taco is served only at Chichen Read more [...]

Spring cleaning takes new meaning

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Empty seats, prime parking spots, undivided attention from instructors — three of the many perks the spring semester has to offer for those who still are managing to attend class regularly. Students have taken the term “spring cleaning” to a whole new level this semester by no longer showing up to class—what a novel idea. We, the students who still show up to class, would like to take a moment to thank those of you who gave up long ago for these perks. In the fall semester, classes tend to be full of students ready to learn, which makes parking difficult, seeing the whiteboard a challenge and obtaining the professor’s attention a daunting task. The spring semester not only brings warmer weather (sometimes — it is Amarillo) but an abundance of open parking spots, a perfect view of the whiteboard and one-on-one attention from professors. It’s all thanks to the students who gave into their complete lack of drive and decided, “Why even come?” We appreciate your decision that you are better off staying in bed so your head no longer blocks our view of the projector. We are grateful that you are not sleeping in class to later find you cannot learn by osmosis and not taking away the professor’s time by sharing your irrelevant opinions with the entire class. We are relieved to no longer have to scour the parking lots for an open spot and to be able to glide into nearly any spot of our liking. In deciding to stop showing up altogether, it is likely you will lose your financial aid, cause your GPA to plummet, waste money on tuition for classes you won’t get credit for and generally make your life spiral downward; but hey, we, the students who still show up, appreciate you. You know that you don’t want to complete your work or waste anyone’s time, and you decided to take the necessary actions to reflect your nonexistent drive. Congrats; you know what you want in life. We thank you for the parking, added attention and seating of our choice. Read more [...]

‘Life of Pablo’ proves its worth

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Written by | Savannah Tarbet | Kanye West is known for being unapologetic and sometimes overly confident. His fans have waited three years for the release of his new album, The Life of Pablo. West continued to bring attention to his album by tweeting the multiple name changes. According to West’s Twitter account, he changed the album title three times before deciding on The Life of Pablo. He continued to publicize the album on social media, calling it “the greatest album of all time,” and saying, “This is not the album of the year, this is the album of the life.” To say the least, he piqued the interest of many. West debuted The Life of Pablo Feb. 11 at a listening party combined with a fashion show for his Adidas line Yeezy Season 3 at Madison Square Garden. He officially released the album Feb. 14, only available on his personal website and on Tidal, a new music streaming website. West is known for game-changing albums, and his latest is no different. Each track seems to flow effortlessly into the next, giving the feel of one long song. It includes a feature artist on every one. Being a producer first, each beat on every track of The Life of Pablo offers something different, with no two songs sounding the same. Each song brings a different energy and sound. There’s not one song on the album that I did not like. West put together a dream team of features, including Chance the Rapper, Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, Sia, Chris Brown, the Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna and the artist we all thought we’d never hear from again: Frank Ocean. Only Kanye West could compile all those artists, and many others not listed, on one album. No one has heard or seen Ocean since the release of his first album, Channel Orange in 2012, and he has not released any new music since. The music world was losing its mind at the fact that West got Ocean on his song “Wolves.” It was a big deal, to say the least. The quality that always has made me a fan Read more [...]

Tip your server no matter the service; they work hard, too

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written by | Valeria Sandoval | We’ve all done it; be honest. We’ve all gone to a restaurant and tipped poorly – or not at all. Maybe the table after me will give them a big tip. They’ll make their money by the end of the night. They chose to work in this industry. Whatever excuse you use to justify your little-to-nothing tip, reality is that servers really do make a living off their tips. Restaurant’s normally pay less than $3 an hour when they hire a server. You’re looking at a voided check almost every payday. You are right; servers willingly walk into restaurants looking for employment. Most of them know what they are walking into. A top reason waiting tables can be so stressful is because the guests have entitled attitudes. Of course you are going to a nice restaurant for the specific reason of wanting to be served; waiters fulfill that need regardless of the customers’ attitude. Some of us go into a restaurant overlooking the simple fact that the person who comes to our table and says, “Hi! My name is, blah blah, and I will be taking care of y’all today,” are in fact people. Are we well behaved and remain respectful toward the person handling my food/putting money in my pocket? Walking into your favorite place to have a nice meal without the cleanup to worry about is not a crime, but being rude for your own reasons is just morally wrong. This is not an attempt to get you to make a down payment when you tip; just keep in mind your server may be putting herself or himself through school or providing for their family off your crappy tip. Who knows, maybe that waitress you stiffed is studying to become a great surgeon. Maybe that waiter you decided wasn’t worth 15 percent is working crazy hours to pay for his car. The waiters’ background shouldn’t really matter when waiting tables is just as honest a job as working in retail. Bad servers are easy to find; some are deserving of no tip. But think of it this way: If your doctor Read more [...]

Who runs the world? Women.

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Editoral Cartoon by | Destiny Kranthoven
Susan B. Anthony, Marie Curie, Mother Teresa, Dr. Mae Jemison, Malala Yousafzai, Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, Michelle Obama, Ada Lovelace, Hillary Clinton, Audrey Hepburn and Maya Angelou are only 11 of the many women who have changed the world. March is Women’s History Month. Like those incredibly powerful women, it is a big (OK — immense) deal, and there are endless reasons why you should care. According to Time magazine, the first Women’s Day occurred on Feb. 28, 1909. March is a time to recognize and appreciate the countless contributions women have and continue to make in the world. It is women who fought for the right to vote, own property and to be equal with men societally. Unfortunately, despite all the bad-ass women in the world, according to American Association of University Women, women still today receive 21 percent less pay than men, regardless of their abilities. Many individuals may say, “Women have so many more rights than they used to,” and “They are seen as equal today,” but that regrettably is not the case. No matter their level of education, age or experience, women still face a pay gap in comparison to men’s wages. It is unjust and ridiculous. Women have and continue to make scientific discoveries, lead politically, fight as activists, lead organizations, create inventions, and simply: Run. The. World. The feminist movement is a fight for equality. A cry for justice. It is a movement that says women matter and deserve to be seen as equals with men. Women have made huge and substantial strides, but it is time society recognizes the advances as a whole. Actress Emma Watson is the U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador who created the “HeForShe” campaign, which is an incredibly influential campaign to end gender inequality and spread the truth about feminism. Watson and Susan B. Anthony, Marie Curie, Mother Teresa, Dr. Mae Jemison, Malala Yousafzai, Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, Michelle Obama, Ada Lovelace, Hillary Clinton, Audrey Hepburn Read more [...]
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