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STC works out kinks

Nine weeks into the semester, it appears Amarillo College’s latest endeavor, the Science Testing Center, finally has worked out all the kinks. Students who have managed to avoid Warren Hall and all things science may be unaware of what the Science Testing Center is and how dysfunctional it was when it opened. Read more [...]

OPINION: Traveling expands horizons

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AC Current editor Bailie Myers shares her thoughts on the recent trip she and other members of the Global Competency Course took to Germany and the Czech Republic over spring break. Read more [...]

EDITORIAL: Travel: Put your money where your mouth is

Photo by PERLA ARELLANO | Amarillo College students saw this art on the Berlin Wall during spring break.
As a staff, we believe global travel is something to which our school administration should dedicate more money and time. Here's why. Read more [...]

OPINION: ‘We must rise from the ashes’

At some point in our lives, we all have felt insignificant. We all have failed or felt like a failure. We all have disappointed people as well as ourselves, and we all will do it again before our lives are over. All of us have our faults; some of ours are just more obvious than others. 43.8 million, or 19 percent of all adults, in the United States smoke cigarettes according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Read more [...]