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Robert Duenes

We asked you on Facebook: “Who is your favorite teacher and why?”

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Psychology teacher Katie Garner. She is a very nice person. She makes psychology fun and easy. I had some tragic family issues come up this semester and she has been very caring and understanding. I feel she really cares about her students and will help them in any way possible. Courtney Spielbauer The new addition to our Graphic Design department, Derek Weathersbee, He’s taught me a lot in this past year and really helped flourish my designing skills and got me thinking! And in a field like this it’s great to have teachers who challenge and encourage you to do greater things! Zachary B. Morris Dr. Kopenits is my favorite teacher. He really makes me want to do better as a student and not just to do the work to pass the test, but to really learn and understand the coursework in anatomy and physiology and how it applies to the future I've chosen to pursue. Hands down one of the greatest teachers I've had in my life. David Cross I must say Mrs. Brewer, the algebra teacher. Even though I have her class online she still makes it a point to personalize it a bit and truly watches her students progress. She saw I was having a hard time and contacted me to help me out. Thanks, Mrs. Brewer!! Tish Cordova My favorite teacher right now is Janis Hunt for my psychology class. It’s fun, you learn a lot about life and she puts it in words you can understand. She’s also very nice and helps you whenever you ask. Taylor Ishmael My favorite teacher is a tie between Jill Gibson and Brian Frank! Jill humors me by saying she likes my videos I make and Brian lets me pretend to be a real radio DJ on FM90!!! Robert Duenes My favorite teacher was Dr. Michelle Orcutt. She was very encouraging and gave us great feedback on our assignments and speeches. When I was in high school, I competed in speech and did quite well, but I had lost my edge since then. Dr. Orcutt helped me to get the confidence back to speak in front of people again. Thank you so much Read more [...]

VIDEO: Clubs clash on Washington Street Campus

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Clubs around the Washington Street came together to battle for club supremacy at AC’s annual Club Clash.


VIDEO: You might be a badger if….

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You might be a badger if...

Students on AC’s Washington campus answer you might be a badger if…

VIDEO: Badger Fit Night

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Badger fit night at AC’s Carter Fitness Center gives student the opportunity to try a variety of fitness classes once per month.

VIDEO: March Madness

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Amarillo College Intramural Sports hosts basketball tournament at two Amarillo elementary schools

VIDEO: Police academy

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Panhandle regional law enforcement academy

Amarillo College trains the future of panhandle law enforcement.

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