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Tom Brady deserves respect

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“I am the best decision this franchise has ever made,” is the famous quote that Tom Brady told the Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft the first time they met with Kraft not knowing who Brady was. Tom Brady is the best quarterback the National Football League has ever seen. Now before you get all defensive and start throwing accusations about his team, you have to set your opinions about the Patriots aside and look at the facts about just Brady. Let’s start with the way he has played on the biggest stage in football, the Super Bowl. After throwing four touchdowns against the “Legion of Boom,” he passed the great Joe Montana for most touchdowns in the Super Bowl at 13. He also now owns the records for the most completions in a half at 20, most completions in a game at 37 and Super Bowl starts at six, in which he now is 4-2. Those were just the records he broke in the game last February. Brady already had held the Super Bowl records for most career passing yards, career attempts and completions. Those are records that he just kept adding to during the game. Brady’s greatness isn’t just about the records. The thing that makes him such a great quarterback is his incredible competitive nature and will to win. His football knowledge is impeccable. He prepares for the competition better than any other quarterback in the league. Current and former teammates always are talking about how he is the first one in the locker room before practice and always the last one to leave the facilities. My favorite thing about Brady is the reason why he always is so competitive. He always is playing with a chip on his shoulder because people constantly are putting him down and not believing in him. Graduating from San Mateo High School in California and heading to play quarterback at Michigan, no one knew who he was. He didn’t get playing time until his junior season, and even then he wasn’t the starter. Once his senior season rolled around, he had to fight just to be Read more [...]

Fun, creative way to earn P.E. credit

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Bubble Soccer
Running around a field while wearing a five-foot diameter plastic bubble is a new way to earn college credit. “Try it; you’ll love it,” said Nathaniel Buttel, an engineering major. This semester, Amarillo College is offering bubble soccer for both continuing education and physical education credit. Offering the class for a physical education credit gives students more interesting options, said Trent Oneal, a fitness and life services instructor. Students also can come play just for fun. “Every person involved in the game wears a giant ball and tries to get the soccer ball in the goal,” Oneal said. “It’s kind of experimental. We’re excited to see how far it will go as far as popularity and all that we can do with it.” Each team consists of up to six players, and the game consists of four quarters, 8 to 12 minutes long. A goal counts as  one point, and the team with the most points at the end of the last quarter wins. Players say they enjoy wearing the giant bubble ball because it allows them to run into each other and fall down without getting hurt. “I like how they hit and they fly,” said Holly Clark, a player and general studies major. Practices take place at 7 p.m. Wednesdays at the Memorial Park soccer field next to the Washington Street Campus. If weather conditions are bad, players move inside Carter Fitness Center. “You won’t regret it,” said Intramural Coordinator Calee Follins. “It will be the best couple of hours of your week.” Read more [...]

Intramural Agents show technical side of sports

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Photo by EDUARDO OLMOS | Team Dashit (blue) vs. Team Free Agents (grey). General studies major Jeremy Briscoe, #3 of Free Agents, attempts the shot at the Washington St Campus, Carter Fitness Center.
Amarillo College students interested in intramural sports have a new club they can join starting this semester. Intramural Sports Agents is intended to focus less on athletics and instead focuses on the rules and structure of each intramural sports league. The main purpose of the club is to get direct involvement from students in intramural sports, whether they play or not. “We have chairmen for each league,” said Calee Follins, intramural sports coordinator. “They can still play, but they’re going to be more in charge of rules.” She said that in the past, students had difficulties when the faculty would change a rule. She said she hopes Intramural Sports Agents will act as a buffer between the players and the staff that run each sports league. Follins said that for this semester, she has reached out to students with interest or experience in a particular sports league for chairman positions but plans to move to a peer-elected system once things start falling into place. “I would take it as a leadership,” said Linda Duong, an education major. Duong and Follins agree that Intramural Sports Agents is perfect for students who want to gain leadership experience. They encourage students of any major or interest to attend a meeting. Alexis Tarango, a secondary education major, said she is excited to see what the club offers. She said she is drawn to Intramural Sports Agents because it will help her stay active and get involved in the community. “It’s a good way to make friends,” she said. Tarango will play in the volleyball league and plans to go for chairman of that league because she not only plans to play volleyball at AC, but also for her church. Another benefit, according to Follins, is “an opportunity to maybe build a portfolio.” Follins said some students also are interested in producing videos for intramural sports this semester. Students interested in sports medicine or sports media also are encouraged to attend a meeting because Read more [...]

Bubble Soccer at Amarillo College

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Bubble Soccer at Amarillo College

Christie Rankin covers bubble soccer at Amarillo College.

VIDEO: Panhandle Sports Hall of Fame inducts three new members

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Three legends of the area get inducted Read more [...]

Sports: ‘Teams are heading to the hardwood’

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Intramural basketball season has started, and the teams are heading to the hardwood. The Amarillo College league consists of seven male teams and two female teams that go head to head from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. each Thursday for the next six weeks. Read more [...]
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