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VIDEO: Panhandle Sports Hall of Fame inducts three new members

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Quintin Marquez reports.


Sports: ‘Teams are heading to the hardwood’

By Quintin Marquez Video Reporter   Intramural basketball season has started, and the teams are heading to the hardwood. The Amarillo College league consists of seven male teams and two female teams that go head to head from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. each Thursday for the next six weeks. Draft night was Jan. 23, and teams missing players for their roster got to see free agents show their talent on the court. Intramural specialist JR Norman said he is working to get involved in many tournaments that will pit AC against other colleges such as West Texas A&M, Eastern New Mexico, Texas Tech, Wayland Baptist, Oklahoma Panhandle State and Lubbock Christian to see who has the most talent. Teams that are playing in the league for AC will play each other. Any standout players who want to try out for the official AC team will represent the Badgers against all opponents. Basketball isn’t the only sport going on this semester.  Softball, tennis and dodgeball are available for all students. “It’s an exciting event,” said Garang Maduak, a biology major. “It gives me a chance to go out and show my game.” Norman said he encourages everyone to come out and see their fellow students staying active and would like to see many people put rosters together and try out for teams. Norman said his motto always is, “Everyone that wants to play gets to play.” “It gets a lot of people around each time to see what everyone can do,” said Michael Norman, a general education major.  “It brings a positive view to AC.” In the fall, JR Norman hosted the Zombie Challenge, an obstacle course that put students in  fitness and survival situations while they evaded a faux zombie attack. This semester, he will host a military-style obstacle course featuring real U.S. Marines who will push everyone to the limits of physical fitness. The course also will include a cross-fit course for anyone who doesn’t want to go through the demanding drills Read more [...]

Intramural basketball: The madness has already begun

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Week one scores:


Brew Crew vs. Black Knights 57-52

Minorities vs. Caucasian Invasion 40-33

Beets by Schruts vs. Honey Badgers 59-31

#Allin vs. Black knights 71-42

Minorities vs. Beets by Schruts 57-48

#Allin vs. BMS 60-53

Old Skool Ballers vs. One Team 32-28

Caucasian Invasion vs. Brew Crew 51-49

BMS vs. Honey Badgers 60-25



Quintin Marquez reports.


Sports Corner: ‘Students are spiking their way to the nets’

By Quintin Marquez

Ranger Reporter


The intramural volleyball season has begun and students are spiking their way to the nets. The league is split into two levels: recreational and the power court. Just like football, everyone that signs up gets to play.

Some of teams included are the Ball Busters (R), Blue Ballers (R), AC Nappers, AC Sackers, Tebow Time and the Itsy Bitsy Spikers (R) as well as many others. Players from the Nappers described how the latest wins have been the product of hard work and determination. AC Suckers and Tebow Time had an intense first to 21-point match and each team gave no mercy.

The teams had their own groups of fans and that consist of parents, friends and fellow students that wanted to catch the action.

“This league is great for the students,” said a devoted fan. JR Norman is overseeing the games and as with all intramural sports, he invites students to come out and support classmates and try to get involved in the fun for the next sport.

Volleyball games are on Thursday at 5:30. For more information students may call Norman at 806-371-5382.