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VIDEO: Student Profile: Film Club President Alex Fairbanks

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Video - Fairbanks

Eduardo Olmos reports.

VIDEO: LITE luncheon

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Coverage of Amarillo College’s 10th annual Living Independently Through Education Scholarship Luncheon.

REVIEW: Local Mexican restaurant ‘enjoyable’

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Photo By Joshua Wagner | The Ranger
March 28, 2012 By Trey Holt |Ranger Reporter   CHIPS AND salsa, rice, refried beans and the sound of a traditional Spanish ballad are just a few of the things that come to mind when most people think of Mexican food. For the past several years, locally owned Mexican restaurant Fernando’s has delivered all that and so much more. A recent change in location – from Paramount to the former Marty’s building – has not amounted to a change from the same friendly service that always has been offered. From the moment you walk in the door, you are greeted by a friendly, smiling face. As you wait to be seated, your eye is drawn to a beautiful fish tank strategically placed against the wall at the entrance. You can become so entranced by the fish that your table is ready before you even realize it. After being seated, the first thing you get is the usual, complimentary chips and salsa that the restaurant staff makes certain never runs out. One thing that sets Fernando’s apart from most other restaurants of its kind is the extensive salsa bar. It has 10 kinds of salsa to offer, including the house salsa, and is entirely free to customers who dine in. You also can have a jar to take home for a reasonable price. I enjoyed my experience at Fernando’s new location. After ordering a traditional chicken enchilada plate with sour cream sauce, I expected to be waiting awhile for the meal to be ready. To my surprise, however, it was ready and delivered piping hot after only 15 minutes. Another surprising aspect was the high quality of the food prepared in such a short time.  It was quite amazing. With its delicious food, fast and friendly service and reasonably priced entrees, Fernando’s definitely was one of the most enjoyable restaurant experiences I’ve had. Read more [...]

Students create art with film club

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February 15, 2012 By Trey Holt| Ranger Reporter Amarillo College’s Film Production Club is up for a busy semester. The film club initially was started as a sanctuary for creative students who are interested in creating films or who want to practice acting on-camera. This year, on top of  the projects they have in the pipeline, they are planning a film contest to take place in April. Club President Alex Fairbanks is particularly excited about the endeavor. “It’s a great opportunity to seek out new and creative local talent in the community,” he said. As for the club’s projects this semester, Fairbanks is planning a film project called It’s Always Windy in Amarillo, a parody of the popular television show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Vice President Trevor Alonzo said he is excited about the upcoming projects. “I’m happy to be working on new projects this semester,” Alonzo said. “We have a Friday the 13th fan film planned as well as this one we call Music Video of Violence, both of which we have trailers up for now on our YouTube channel.” Many ideas are being pitched at the moment. Alan Smithee has been a member since last year and is planning his directorial debut this semester. “I’m writing a comedic parody of the club’s dynamics,” Smithee said. “The idea for it is still in progress, but wheels are in motion.” Club Recordkeeper Emily Rickert compared the club to a safe haven for media-inclined students to let out their creative frustrations. “We’re like a family,” she said. “We work together to see our video ideas become a reality and support one another’s goals and ambitions for the future.” The club has weekly meetings from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesdays in room 106 of the College Union Building. The room is next to the bookstore. The meetings are open for anyone to sit in and share ideas. One problem facing the club is lack of members, and recruitment is one of the priorities Read more [...]

VIDEO: Art after dark at AMOA

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Amarillo Museum of Art  kicked off its 40th anniversary with art in the dark.

FM90 offers students hands-on experience

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February 8, 2012

BY TREY HOLT |Ranger Reporter

FM90, Amarillo College’s 100,000-watt college radio station, provides students with the skills necessary to succeed in the competitive radio industry.

Program Director Brian Frank got his start at FM90 when he was a student in the mid-1980s.

Frank now helps train students to become more comfortable and professional behind a microphone, among other useful skills every disc jockey needs to know.

Frank said he believes the hands-on training students receive at AC is fundamental to getting jobs in the media.

“The great thing about our program is that, whether it be through the student newspaper, the student radio station or the television station, we give real-life experience,” he said.

“They learn how to operate the radio station by participating in a fully functional one in which FCC rules must be followed.”

FM90 brings listeners the newest in alternative rock in the Texas Panhandle, but the station has much more to offer than that.

It also features a weekly show devoted to 1990s retro in addition to indie rock and genres such as the blues, heavy metal, rap, hip-hop, Texas country and jazz.

Student DJ Travis Kemp has been with the station for eight years and in that time has been promoted to host of FM90’s weekly “All That Jazz” show on Sunday nights.

Kemp said he has learned a lot at FM90.

“You learn to make promos, work a soundboard, what you can and can’t say on the air, how to make and follow playlists and what to do in a severe weather situation,” Kemp said.

The station has 27 student DJs on staff this semester.

Those interested in the fast-paced world of radio should visit Frank in his office in the  Gilvin Broadcast Center.

FM90 can be heard live online at

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