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‘Big’ bird idea promotes station

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Panhandle Public Broadcasting Service started the Big Idea Challenge April 2. It’s a five-week puzzle full of scattered clues all around Amarillo. The Challenge, in its first year, is a way to raise funds for Panhandle PBS. Read more [...]

OPINION: Global Scholars: We’ve returned with one suggestion: GO

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Prague global competency
We could sit and list all the places we visited. You could read through them, say, “Oh, how nice,” and forget about it tomorrow. Or you could do what we did: apply immediately when the next trip is announced, save money like your life depends on it and drown yourself in research. It’s a lot of work, but believe us when we say it’s worth it and you’ll have the time of your life. Read more [...]

MCC students lounge, learn

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Photo by Vanessa Garcia  Moore County Campus students kick off the 2014 spring semester with entertainment at the new Student Activity Center.
Construction on the Amarillo College Moore County Campus in Dumas has been completed, and the Career and Technical Training Center building and the Student Activity Center are up and ready for the semester. The Career and Technical Training Center building, located at Highway 287 and Success Boulevard, has 30,000 square feet of classrooms, labs and shops Read more [...]

VIDEO: #BadgerBS Episode 1

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#Badger BS, a voice for the students Read more [...]

OPINION: British accents boost boring books

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By Vanessa Garcia Opinion page editor   “The presence of a permanent dipole moment in polar molecules gives rise to dipole-dipole forces. These forces originate from…” Bet I lost some of you readers, didn’t I? Every college student is faced with staying focused on what he or she is studying. Studying and understanding the studied subject is a major difference, just like the saying, “I hear you but I’m not listening”. You can catch and cook a fish, but if you don’t know how to gut it, it definitely will not be a gourmet meal. Are you listening to what I’m saying? Staying focused on a textbook is difficult. Once I open a textbook, my mind travels into another world. I’ll be on the third paragraph and then I realize I have no idea what I read. Then, I have to reread the section over again. It can definitely be rather frustrating. If there’s a will, there’s a way to staying focused! I’ve learned that I must entertain myself in order to stay focused on my studies. What works for me is reading in a British accent. I get a kick out of my terrible British accent as I talk about protons and neutrons. What also works is changing my environment. I find it easier to focus when I am at school. When I’m at home, I’d rather put in a movie and paint the day away. Find a place to study, whether it’s at a quiet coffee shop, a library, on campus or at a park. Keep flash cards and supplies in hand. Back in high school my 9th grade English teacher was a flash card Nazi. She was a little crazy, but I learned that using flash cards really does help keep all the knowledge in my head. Set time aside for studying. Having a set schedule will make studying less stressful. Waiting till last minute to study will cause unneeded chaos when forcing all of the information on a subject on the night before an exam. Keep notes while reading the textbook and then go over the notes after the chapter. The human brain doesn’t Read more [...]

Board of regents increases budget

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Photo by VANESSA GARCIA Opinion Editor  The board of regents approved the 2013-2014 budget Aug. 27.
The Amarillo College board of regents  approved a 2013-2014 budget of $59 million at the Aug. 27 regular meeting. The budget,  a 1.6 percent increase over last year, will go into effect Sept. 1. Setting the budget for the next school year is a crucial agenda item for the regents  because the budget is based upon supporting student success. The budget includes a variety of expenses, including tuition and fees, scholarships, construction of new Hereford Campus facilities, carpet replacement and new parking lots. The budget includes a 2.5 percent raise for board-appointed members  who were hired by June 1. Reductions in the budget included school supplies, school travel, emergencies, funds and school equipment. The budget includes  a $25 per semester hour increase for adjunct and overload pay. Another expense listed in the budget is hail damage from May 28. A report indicated that 13 vehicles and 30 buildings were damaged. Eighteen  of the damaged buildings were on the Washington Street Campus, three on the Downtown Campus and nine on the West Campus. Modification of the student conduct rule for weapons on campus  also was approved. The modification states that no student should be allowed special authorization of possession of any firearm while on campus; the previous policy allowed students to carry a firearm on campus with prior authorization. Regents Chairman Don Nicholson said he agrees with the new policy but suggested modernization of the definition of a weapon. Administrators present at the meeting honored educator Robert Boyd with a special achievement award. Boyd spent 48 years working in education, with 31 of those years  at AC. He retired as head of the Language, Communication and Fine Arts Division. “Thank you so much for your service,” Nicholson said. Other items on the agenda: • Student Government Association President Mario Villarreal presented the 2013 Fallfest  theme of “mob scene.” • Jill Gibson, Read more [...]
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