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Club Clash 2016 creates competition; metaphor for college life

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Dodgeball –it’s not just a game in Amarillo College’s Club Clash–it’s a metaphor. Raz Rasmussen reports.

Jackson Street Presents Episode 13 Justin Harmon

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AC advisers help students achieve their dreams

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Austin Ulen reports

Graduates prepare for life after AC

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Ask Agnes | ‘Because your crystal ball is broken’

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Dear Agnes: I’m having issues visualizing my dreams and aspirations, so I’m losing a lot of momentum. Do you know of any tricks to help me stay motivated? Visualization is super important when it comes to your dreams. Imagine if a random person came up to you and yelled, “YOU HAVE JUST WON A MILLION DOLLARS!” You’d probably just say, “Cool, bro,” and keep walking. Now, imagine a random person hauling a million dollars behind them as they stated that you won a million dollars. I’m guessing that you’d start freaking out! Being able to see what you’re working toward is the exact same way. I don’t know what your dreams and aspirations are, but regardless, this trick may work for you: Close your eyes and imagine you are sitting in a movie theater where the movie playing is actually just footage of you doing what you’re working toward. Then imagine yourself walking up to the screen, opening a door next to it and walking into that reality. That’s one way to work on visualization. I hope that helps you stay motivated! Dear Agnes: My friends no longer are going in the same direction as I am. I still love being their friends, but I don’t see the relationship being mutually beneficial. Does that make me a bad friend? I’m sorry that you’re in this predicament, but I want you to know that you’re not alone. Many people go through seasons of life where the people they surround themselves with no longer are the people they want to be around. If you don’t see your friends as positive influences, then I do not blame you for contemplating ending the relationship. Friends are supposed to be there to support you, fill you with energy and encourage your growth. Honestly, if you’re spending more time worrying about your friendship than enjoying it, then that is a sign in and of itself. Good luck with this, and know that your worth is not diminished based on the decision you make. Dear Agnes: The realization that this is my last semester at AC Read more [...]
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