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[AC] Fallfest

The Student Government Association will be hosting the annual Fallfest  11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the clock tower on the Washington Street Campus. This year’s theme is “Mob Scene.” Students can enjoy free spaghetti and meatballs and a live band.

New collaboration stations on Washington St. Campus improve student interaction

April 11, 2012 By Brooke Self | Ranger Reporter Amarillo College students have a new way to interact with one another. Collaboration Stations were installed on the Washington Street Campus last week and are expected to become a big hit among AC students, according to Cara Crowley, director of the Title V Project. “We hope it will be a big hot spot for the students,” Crowley said. The new stations accommodate several students at once. A total of five Collaboration Stations are located on the first floor of the Lynn Library on the Washington Street Campus.  Two of them can accommodate up to four users each, two have the ability to hold six users each, and AC has one that as many as 10 students can use at once. “The Collaboration Station became available for students’ use, and I have already seen some using them this morning,” Crowley said April 5. The idea that AC should get some of the technologically driven work stations was presented by Mark Hanna, director of Lynn Library and the Learning Center. Hanna saw a story about the Collaboration Stations that the University of Pennsylvania had installed and decided that AC should have them, so he and Crowley began seeking funding. “Our funding came from two different sources,” Crowley said,  “one of them being the Title V project grant, and the other was the Perkins Basic State Grant.” Developed by Steelcase, a technology provider, the Collaboration Stations were developed so students can work simultaneously with one another on their projects on a shared big screen by simply plugging in their laptops.  The only other thing students need to access the work stations is a Google account. “Students who do not have a laptop available for their own use may check out a laptop from the Help Center, which is a part of the Center for Teaching and Learning, located here on the first floor of the library,” Crowley said. The stations do several things, including allowing students to Read more [...]

New ‘vendateria’ saves school money,angers some students

Photo by Zach Stebbins

February 15, 2012

By Tashana HughesRanger Reporter


Controversy is still  in the air when it comes to discussing the cafeteria being replaced with fast-serving vending machines.

Toward the end of the spring 2011 semester, the cafeteria, which employed Great Western Dining, was officially closed.

“We were having to pay the staff because it wasn’t bringing in much money,” said Lynn Thornton, director of administrative services and human resources.

The vending machines are provided by an outside vendor, although Amarillo College receives a percentage of the sales as commission.

“From September to December, AC is up about $4,000 in commission from vending sales,” Thornton said.

Not all students feel the changes were positive.

“Personally, I liked the cafeteria because you had more of a healthier variety, and you didn’t have to drive off campus to get an actual meal,” said Susan Hartfelder, a forensic science major. “You didn’t have to wait in a long line because there are only three vending machines to use.”

So far, AC has saved about $100,000, which is the amount it would have paid Great Western Dining for cafeteria services.

“I think they should have kept the cafeteria, because some people might want to have their lunch made hot in between classes and not just junk food,” said I.V. Shaw, a radiography major. “Us as students should have had an option.”

The cafeteria now houses a variety of machines that supply everything from tuna fish sandwiches to sodas. Each machine also is equipped with a credit card slot. Microwave ovens also are available for use.

Carter fitness center: get fit on campus

Photo courtesy of actx.edu
February 15, 2012 By Madilyn Newsome | Ranger Reporter Are Amarillo College students as fit as they should be? “West Texas is not as fit as the rest of the nation,” said Craig Clifton, department chairman of fitness and life services. “It’s because of our culture here so, no, AC is not as fit as I think it should be. There is room for improvement.” AC offers a variety of fitness opportunities such as insanity cardio, insanity strength, body flow, body attack and yoga, but of more than 11,000 students, only 868 are enrolled in fitness courses. AC officials are trying to offer classes that are new and that will keep students interested in fitness classes. For example, a new program offers a fast-track, four-days-a-week, eight-week program.  Clifton said he thinks the program will be successful because the trend has been that when students really want to stay in the gym, they will come not only on their two-day-a-week class but will come four days a week. He said they seem to be more committed to their workouts and are seeing more results that way. Leigh Dominguez, a nursing major, is enrolled in AC’s Body Combat Insanity Cardio class this semester. “I like how challenging it is, and it’s a really fun time,” she said. Membership fees are set up differently from most other colleges and universities. There is a $30 membership fee at AC, while the fee usually is included in the price of school tuition at other institutions. Clifton said he would like to see all students charged a minimal fee so that prices do not have to go up for the students who are paying membership fees. “If we had a fee that we charged every student, we would not have to have our gym occupied by other things, and, like other colleges, this would be an athletic center 100 percent for our students,” he said. As it stands, students have to rent out courts for club events and other non-AC student events. Dominique Boehm, a general studies major, is Read more [...]