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Ware Student Commons 0

Ware Student Commons

Gentry Anderson covers the story about the unveiling of Ware Student Commons at AC. Gentry AndersonMore Posts

The Natural History Museum houses many different animal specimens at AC. 0

AC houses one of largest insect collections in Texas

Tiffany Lamb, director of the Natural History Museum, works with thousands of animals, insects and plants. The Natural History Museum on the Amarillo College Washington Street Campus houses more than 30,000 specimens, including one...

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Club provides necessary support for AC veterans

Veterans of Amarillo College Together is among the school’s most covert clubs. The program keeps a low profile, but students say it provides necessary support for AC vets. Robert Celestino, a veteran and mass media...

Tom Hardy, bottom, and charlize Theron rebel against a tyrannical ruler is post-apocalyptic Australia in Mad Max: Fury Road. 0

‘Mad Max’ proves to be worthy remake

Mad Max: Fury Road is easily one of the best action movies I have ever seen. Exciting would be an understatement. This film has: action, drama, suspense,mystery, breathtaking visuals, likeable characters and everything you...