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Jackson Street Presents Episode 3 Dan Johnson and the Salt Cedar Rebels

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Jackson Street Presents brings us a rocking country band from right here in Amarillo. Dan Johnson and the Salt Cedar Rebels share their  hard-driving, traditional country and southern rock sound.  Mass Media major and FM90 student music director David Lovejoy hosts this entirely student-produced show.

Tobacco is prohibited on AC property

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The Amarillo College board of regents appointed Mark White executive vice president and general counsel at their meeting Tuesday night. White has served as AC’s chief legal counsel the past four years. His position as executive vice president is a newly created position. He will coordinate fund-raising and gaining community support for AC as well as still providing AC with legal advice.“Mark White brings with him great passion for the college, strong relationships within the community and a keen business sense,” said AC President Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart. “We are fortunate to have him. He will help lead us to a period of growth and transformation.” White’s new role will begin March 1 with an annual salary of $160,000. According to an AC news release, it would cost AC at least $200,000 a year if his two roles had been filled separately. The regents also approved a new tobacco policy for the college that states that smoking of any tobacco products and the use of electronic or vapor smoking devices are prohibited on AC property and in buildings and facilities on all campuses and locations, including parking areas, green spaces, and walkways. The policy will be effective Aug. 1. The use of tobacco products which are smokeless and vaporless is prohibited inside any college building. The policy does not apply to East Campus housing. Lowery-Hart also offered the board new ideas and plans for the near future. “We are making headway,” he said. “We have been really aggressive and instead of just talking about it, we are doing it and implementing our ideas.” Because of less funding from the state and decreasing enrollment, AC has been forced to deal with financial issues the past few months. A financial shortfall has resulted in budget cuts, a retirement incentive program and layoffs. Lowery-Hart announced at the Tuesday meeting that the financial scare finally is over. “It is now time for us to heal, rebuild and move forward,” he Read more [...]

Annual Thanksgiving giveaway attracts crowds

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Lynae Jacob discusses this year’s Thanksgiving bags from the AC Food Pantry in the Parcells-Byrd lobby Nov. 20 as KAMR-TV anchors Jackie Kingston and Andy Justus prepare to hand them out.

Christie Rankin reports on the AC Pantry Thanksgiving giveaway.

Corporate engagement director to make fun changes to campus

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David Green
David Green has taken on the newly created role of director of corporate engagement at Amarillo College. “The director of corporate engagement spearheads our efforts to implement and sustain the positive culture change at AC,” said Lyndy Forrester, vice president of employee and organizational development. Green will be responsible for designing and coordinating orientation and non-academic training events for AC employees as well as producing internal communications to promote and strengthen the college’s core values, which are to provide caring through “wow, fun, innovation, family and yes.” “I have been told in the last couple of weeks my job is to be the drum major for the cultural values shift that is occurring,” Green said. “Part of that has to do with when a new employee is hired, and then for existing employees. “They will be going through what we are going to call our culture camp. It would be a day-long orientation if a person is new, and training if a person is not brand new. Our values and mission – it all boils down to ensuring student success – everything does.” Forrester said her department discovered that the key stakeholders in creating culture change are the college employees. “They must be deeply invested and actively engaged in pursuing our core values to ensure student success and a 70 percent completion rate by 2020,” she said. “So it only made sense to have an administrator within the division of employee and organizational development whose task would be energizing and focusing the AC family on those essentials. “We needed a ‘drum major for culture change,’ and this is it.” The position is charged with engaging the whole – or the corpus – of the AC family in meeting the core values of “wow, fun, innovation, family and yes.” That is where the title, “corporate engagement” came from, Forrester said. Having spent most of his adult life working as a minister, Green said he was not seeking Read more [...]

Drug of choice: Coffee

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I want to tell you about the substance that fuels my life as a college student. Don’t worry – it’s perfectly legal. I’m simply talking about coffee: the magic elixir that gets me through each day. Not only does coffee help you function in the morning, it possesses many health benefits. To quote the character Lorelai Gilmore, played by Lauren Graham on the hit show Gilmore Girls: “I can’t stop drinking the coffee. I stop drinking the coffee, I stop doing the standing and the walking and the words putting into a sentence doing.” Coffee could be a lifesaver. For all you coffee fanatics, here is some exciting news. A recent study from the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health states that coffee, decaf or regular, could lower the risk of mortality. In an article published by CNN, Ming Ding, a doctoral student in the Harvard nutrition department, said: “The lower risk of mortality is consistent with our hypothesis that coffee consumption could be good for you (because) we have published papers showing that coffee consumption is associated with lower risk of Type 2 diabetes and (heart) disease.” Ding and her colleagues also discovered that “coffee drinkers were about 10 percent less likely to die of heart disease. They also were between 9 percent and 37 percent less likely to die of neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s and dementia.” Studies also have shown that people who drank at least one cup of coffee a day had around a 30 percent lower suicide rate. In the CNN article, Ding said, “It is not clear whether chemicals in coffee have a direct effect on mental health or whether people who drink a lot of coffee have higher rates of employment or certain lifestyles that are associated with lower suicide rates.” Along with reducing your risk of heart disease, coffee also provides you with increased attention and memory, increased physical performance and muscle recovery and decreased risk of liver disease. If that’s Read more [...]

Palace Coffee Co. | “Be kind. Serve great coffee.”

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The No. 1 coffee house in the nation, Palace Coffee Co., has been living up to its slogan, “Be kind. Serve great coffee,” since July 1, 2011. Upon opening Palace, co-owners Patrick and Krystal Burns set out to show you don’t have to be on the East or West coasts to serve great coffee; it can be done right in the Texas Panhandle. After opening their first location on the square in Canyon, the Burns’ Palace became a big hit for people of all ages. From babies to people in their 70s, everyone has found something to love. The coffee shop’s welcoming, down-to-earth urban atmosphere, kind baristas, wonderful coffee and good music make for a great place to catch up with friends and enjoy an afternoon. The Canyon store also has a cozy back room which serves as a setting for open mic nights and other musical performances. The room also can be rented out for special events. Don’t forget the annual Harry Potter day, which includes special drinks and movie showings and always is a huge hit. On June 12, 2014, Palace created a second location in downtown Amarillo, which the owners refer to as “Palace at Paramount,” to expand their craft of coffee to the business side of the Panhandle and give patrons a chance to relax between meetings at work. The downtown store also has a traveling coffee cart that they bring to catering events. Shortly after opening the second location on Polk Street, Palace competed against a variety of coffee shops around the nation. Palace went up against shops in New York City and Los Angeles to take the title of No. 1. The win provided the business with a ton of local, as well as national, attention. USA Today listed Palace as one of the 10 best coffee houses in America. On July 27, 2015, Palace launched its own private label coffee, and in the next year to year and a half, the owners plan to start running their own coffee roastery. In March, Palace is opening its third location in conjunction with Amarillo National Bank on 34th Read more [...]
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